... who forwarded them to everybody!

Admit it, you love receiving those sweet photos of baby animals. Everybody's got a sweet great-aunt or a well-meaning retired co-worker who keeps the flow of forwarded email coming -- and posts the very best on Facebook.

And although you may hate to admit it, you look forward to those inspirational shots of innocent little cubs, kittens and pups.

Here is a sweet photo from Asia -- a baby orangutan that has buddied up with an orphaned tiger cub. Enemies in the wild, they're the best of friends in an animal sanctuary.


Here one of our editors shares the very best that he's gotten in recent weeks from his sister, his mother, a couple of soccer moms and a sister-in-law who adores animals.

Li'l lion king


The innocence of youth!

Not a morning person ... 

Dalmation pals

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