Beliefnet members reveal why they consider themselves agnostic. Read selected quotes here or join the discussion.

"I consider myself a free thinker, which gives me the freedom to come up with all sorts of ideas about why we are here...Also, being agnostic allows be to look at all religions and belief systems with equal merit, any one of which may or may not be the truth or the 'answer.'"

"I call myself an agnostic because I do not consider it possible to ever know the nature of God. If a God exists--which I believe one does but can not prove--then by the very nature of what a God is, that being is beyond our ability to comprehend--and always will be."


"I describe myself as an intuitive/emotional atheist but an intellectual agnostic. By this I mean that the result of my experience, knowledge and reasoning to date leads me to conclude that the most likely scenario is that no gods exist. Therefore intuitive/emotional atheism.

"However,as I may well not have encountered all definitions of deities and have not been able to personally explore every corner of the universe looking for gods, I have to leave open the possiblity that some god may exist--however unlikely I feel that to be."


"I would describe myself as intellectually atheist, but, because of my emotional (and, I believe, quite natural) fears and incomprehension of the bewildering nothingness, can't quite state outright god is dead. That twinging doubt persists."


"I don't know if I'm an agnostic, atheist, humanist, whatever. It doesn't keep me up at night. What I believe, though I tend not to believe in a god, is that there's no reason for me to speculate on something that can't be known. I don't believe the religious texts I read (they seem brimming with human error and emotion), and don't believe that, if there's a higher conscious being, it's possible for humans to really fully understand it.

"Since I don't believe that any such deity has any influence in my life or cares one way or the other about me, it doesn't concern me much. I figure if there is such an entity, terrific. Maybe when I die I'll meet up with it, but I suspect that's unlikely. If there is some sort of a god, we will never know it, dead or not, because it exists independently of us."


"Belief is such a personal thing. As close as I can come is this: I believe that it is impossible to know anything about God--man invented God because the belief that this life is all there is is so psychologically painful. I suppose that makes me agnostic. I also believe that psychologically painful thing: this life is all there is.


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