Founding Fathers
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Adams was raised as a ...

According to biographer McCullough, "as his family and friends knew, Adams was both a devout Christian, and an independent thinker."

Which religion did Alexander Hamilton have a high respect for?

Hamilton had always had respect for Jews. His birthplace of Charlestown had a large Jewish population with whom Hamilton came into contact on a regular basis. As a boy, he had learned Hebrew and could recite the Ten Commandments in its original language.

During the 1800 presidential election, which religion did federalists associate Jefferson with?

Jefferson's unorthodox religious beliefs became an important issue in the 1800 presidential election. Federalists attacked him as an atheist. As president, Jefferson countered the accusations by praising religion in his inaugural address and attending ser

John Witherspoon's common sense theory was best explained as ...

Contrary to modern distinctions of morality, Witherspoon saw morality as having two distinct components: spiritual and temporal. Civil government owed more to the latter than the former in Witherspoon's Presbyterian doctrine. Thus, public morality owed mo

Which church was George Washington associated with for most of his life?

He served as a vestryman and as church warden for both Fairfax Parish in Alexandria and Truro Parish, administrative positions that, like all positions in Virginia while it had an official religion, required one to swear they would not speak or act in a w
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