Praying Rosary

You've just made callbacks for your audition for the community play! As an actor or actress, you'd most likely ask this saint to help you nail the part:

Praying Rosary

It's the last game of the NCAA tournament, and the team you have winning it all is in the finals. If you want to give them some extra help from the patron saint of athletes, you'd address:

Praying Rosary

You're late for work! What's worse, you can't find your wallet OR your keys. Whose help should you seek?

Praying Rosary

Your dream is to become an accountant, but you're nervous about the CPA exam. Why not consult the Patron Saint of Bankers, better known as:

Praying Rosary

Sitting in an airplane and preparing for takeoff, you suddenly remember that you have an absolutely irrational fear of flying. Seeking some comfort, you pray to this Patron Saint of Air Travelers, who had some flying experience of his own...

Praying Rosary

A local non-profit is struggling to raise funds for an upcoming project. After donating what you can, you give some additional help by praying to the Patron Saint of Charities:

Praying Rosary

You've taken up a new hobby, painting! While searching for a moment of inspiration, you say a quick prayer to this artistic saint:

Praying Rosary

There's a big party coming up for a friend of yours, and you do NOT want to embarass yourself on the dance floor. You look to this Patron Saint of Dancers to help straighten out your two left feet:

Praying Rosary

Your two children won't stop fighting and it's driving you crazy! Time to call in a little help from the Patron Saint of Parenthood, also known as:

Praying Rosary

Your new profession of beekeeping is dangerous business; they won't stop stinging you! Fortunately, you can rest assured knowing you have this Patron Saint of Beekping watching over you:

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