How many times have the Republicans and Democrats held their conventions in the same city in the same year?

The Democrats and Republicans have held their conventions in the same city six times. They both met in Chicago in 1884, 1932, 1944 and 1952. In 1948, they both met in Philadelphia. Then, in 1972, the GOP had planned to meet in San Diego. However, with the

Which of these famous journalists actually were nominated at party conventions?

Horace Greeley, the famed New York newspaper editor was a presidential candidate in 1872, running against U.S. Grant. A century later, David Brinkley of NBC News was nominated at the 1972 Republican convention and received a single vote.

Which former president delayed a convention with his proposal for a co-presidency – two presidents, no vice president?

In 1980, Ronald Reagan wanted former President Gerald Ford as his VP, however Ford proposed a "co-presidency" which Reagan actually considered while the convention delegates waited. Constitutional experts advised Reagan it would never work – and would nev

Which party held the first national political convention?

Freemasonry was the target of a number of conspiracy theories in 1826. An opponent of the fraternal lodge, William Morgan, disappeared mysteriously just as he was on the verge of exposing the organization's secrets. The Anti-Mason Party was then formed as

Which third-party presidential candidate actually won a state’s Electoral College votes?

Robert M. Lafollette won Wisconsin’s electoral votes when he ran as the Progressive Party candidate in 1924. In 1948, Strom Thurmond, running as the States Rights Party candidate won Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina. In 1968, George Wall

Which party held the longest U.S. presidential nominating convention on record?

In 1924, the Democratic convention went on for two and a half weeks. A record 103 ballots were cast before John W. Davis was nominated. He went on to lose to Calvin Coolidge. The marathon convention took place at Madison Square Garden in New York City fro

Do delegates have to vote for the candidate nominated by their state’s presidential primary?

They are morally obligated to represent the primary or caucus results only for the first ballot. If no candidate is selected and a second ballot has to be taken, delegates are free to vote for the candidate of their choice. However, the Democrats have not

Are the presidential and vice presidential candidates already selected long before the convention begins?

In recent history, yes. However, in 1972, a dozen or so candidates refused presidential candidate George McGovern’s offer of the vice presidency. He went on to lose in what was at that time the largest landslide in history. In 1940, no Republican wanted t

Does a president running for re-election have to keep his current vice president?

No,not at all. In fact, Roosevelt had three different vice presidents. At the 1944 convention in the middle of World War II, Roosevelt’s vice president Henry A. Wallace was showing signs of instability. After he lectured party leaders about the importance

Which of these sets of brothers actually were nominated at their parties’ conventions?

William Jennings Bryan and his brother Charley both were on the ballot at the 1924 Democratic convention and received votes. Nelson and Winthrop Rockefeller both received votes at the 1968 Republican convention.
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