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Recent events have shown us that racism continues to be a problem in our society. The need to condemn and combat the ideologies of supremacy and racism are more urgent that ever. Racism today may look different from when you grew up. It now often takes place in subtle forms without people realizing they are spreading hate. These are still sins that need to be corrected.

As a Christian, you might not be sure where to begin. God has laid out a framework for how we should approach race. God wants us to acknowledge the racism we may hold in our own hearts and step up against the racism we see in society. We are called to recognize God's divine image and likeness in our neighbors. Any actions we take should be accompanied by prayer. People of faith can call on the Lord to heal the wounds of racism in our communities. He can help guide us on our journey to help those that need it.

Prayer For Unity

Racism divides us further apart. With God's help, we can work together to bridge the gap. This prayer for unity will inspire you to open your eyes to racism.

My dear Father in Heaven, today our world feels more divided than ever. Please guide us as we strive to find our way to reconciliation. Jesus was able to reach across ethnic boundaries - Romans, Jews, Samaritans - to bring people together. He gave them a chance to see the truth. God, help us to break down those same barriers in our community today. Enable us to dismantle the racial systems we have in place, so that our community can come together and heal. Help us learn from and honor each other. Amen.

Prayer For Knowledge

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to racism. While you may never have problems due to your race, that does not mean it is not an issue in other communities. As Christians, God calls us to learn about the injustices in the world and help those who need it most. Pray that God will open your eyes and help you seek out the truth.

Oh Lord, please open our societies eyes to all that goes on around us that contribute to racial injustice. Please help us recognize the systems in place that hurt our minority communities. Grant us the power to change them! I do not know all the answers, but You do. God, guide us on the path to righteousness so that all of Your children can live without fear. Help push me in the right direction so that I can find the truth for myself. With Your help, we will overcome. Amen!

Prayer For Action

It is not enough for Christians to condemn racism. Christians should strive to be anti-racist. To be a true ally, you must take action to help ending racism. This can come in many forms, such as signing petitions, joining protests, supporting minority-owned businesses, and standing up against those who make racist comments. God will help guide you if you ask for His help.

Jesus, You have taught us to protect those who are struggle to defend themselves. As I see racism across the country, I know I have a duty to stand up for what is right. Grant me the strength to act. Help me alleviate the pain in our minority communities and end racial injustice in all its forms. God, you invite us to love our neighbors, and I know to truly do that I must take the necessary actions to become a good ally. Help enable me to see the reality of racism in my own community and guide me to uproot it! In Your name I pray, amen!

Prayer For Personal Reflection

What many people do not realize is that they hold racist tendencies within themselves. The subtle jokes and comments we make, the inaction we take to help, or the resistance to change all prevent our communities from healing and moving forward. God can help us identify what is tarnished in our heart and open it back up to love.

Lord, as I look at my past, I'm beginning to identify things I did that I said or did that may have hurt communities around me. I spread hate where I should have shared Your Word. The climate today is a good time for inner reflection. I admit that I may hold racist tendencies within myself and may not even realize it. Please grant me the grace to reflect on my own actions, and inactions, that contribute to this pain. Create a new mind and heart that enables me to see the struggles of others. I know I can grow from my past and better serve You. Amen!

Racism is an unfortunate part of our country. We have to recognize it and take action to stop it. God will help heal us, uniting us with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Continue to pray and fight to do what is right to honor Him.

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