Prayer can be daunting. It’s not uncommon for people to feel overwhelmed or subconscious when they’re creating prayer time in their life. Do you recite prayers out loud? Do you kneel? Can you write down your prayers in a prayer journal? Is there a specific prayer time – before bed or when you get up? How long do I have to pray for to be meaningful?

Those are all common questions and the answer is that there is no real answer. Prayer is a part of your intimate relationship with your Lord and Savior. Only you and your God know what works best for you. The important thing to remember is that God will always be by your side. He is always willing to listen and provide guidance.

When creating prayer time, in your life, evaluate your daily schedule and list out your priorities – prayer being one of those musts. Do not default to a list created purely by memory. Instead, get a pen and paper out or make a note in your phone. List, in order, all of the things you must do each day. Your busy, huh? That’s totally okay. You know why? Because your God is a great God and he knows that you are devoted and will make time for him.

Prayer time doesn’t have to be an hour or half an hour. You know what it needs to be? Two things – authentic and intentional. As long as you’re being thoughtful and truly putting your Lord and Savior first, the rest will fall into place. However, it’s not uncommon to work Him in when you a have a few minutes here and there. Those minutes will mean the most because it’s your time with Him.

When You're Driving

Depending on your commute, you may be driving more than a few minutes. Instead of talking to a friend or family member, talk to your Lord and Savior. Shut off your music. Turn off your daily podcast. Embrace the silence and think really hard. Ask yourself, what’s on your heart? What burdens are causing you stress and what things can you turn over to the Lord?

Designating driving as prayer time is a great way to reconnect. So often we get frustrated with the other commuters – we’re all in such a rush. But, why? You don’t have to be. Yes, we all have days where we need to get to a place in a hurry, but honking your horn or making a rude comment isn’t going to really make you feel better. However, talking with God will help you. It will allow you an opportunity to shed the layers of armor you’ve put on and be vulnerable.

Take the Stairs or Just a Quick Walk

Are you tempted to take the elevator, instead of just walking up those flights of stairs? Next time, avoid temptation and just take the stairs. This can be a time when you briefly connect with God and participate in prayer time. Check in with him and let him know how your day is going. He already knows, but prayer can help you find guidance and seek out truths you may not have seen before.

If it’s an extra rough day, set your prayer time around a quick walk. Take a walk in the parking lot or around your building. Leave your phone at your desk and don’t be tempted to bring the earbuds and listen to tunes. Instead, listen to the Lord. Be honest and communicate with Him. Pray for his help and allow him to point you in the direction you need.

Brush Your Teeth

Did this prayer time suggestion make you chuckle or take a second glance? As silly as it may sound, the time you brush your teeth in the morning and night is a great way to check in with God and have prayer time. It’s not like you can talk, but you can have an internal conversation with him. Remember, he’s always listening and appreciates you taking the time to reconnect. Plus, I’m pretty sure your dentist will be happy that you dedicated all of that time to brushing your pearly whites.

While You’re Cooking

Do you like to cook? Technically, you don’t have to love cooking in order to pray while doing it. It’s traditional to pray before a meal, so why can’t it be your tradition to pray while you’re making the meal too. Bless this meal that you’re about to receive. Bless your family and friends who are about to eat this food, to nourish their body. Bless the Lord for giving me the resources to provide a healthy meal for my loved ones.

If you’re cooking with your children or spouse, this is a great tradition that can be passed on from generation to generation. It instills the idea that prayer time is important and without the Lord, nothing is possible.


Okay, so I get it. Prayer is probably the last thing you want to do when you must clean up your home; however, think of prayer time as a meditating tool. I think it’s safe to say that the majority of people do not like cleaning.

Therefore, incorporating prayer into your cleaning routine can help you emotionally cleanse your body and stay calm while you pick up your mess. You’ll find that this designated prayer time is a great way to make the time pass quickly.

Prayer is a beautiful way we get to communicate with the man who sacrificed his life for all of us. Whether you choose to select one, two or all of these prayer time suggestions, remember that your time with God is special. He doesn’t care what you’re doing, when you’re praying, if you’re being honest and pledging your faith in his teachings. Don’t allow prayer to be overwhelming. Prayer is meant to bring you closer to God and help you live a more intentional lifestyle.

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