A great deal of information lies within the eight "virtues" of the Goddess. It is also possible to plot the virtues around the Wheel of the Year. By this system, the pairs of complementary virtues fall on opposite Sabbats, and the "goddess virtues," those that we might consider more feminine, fall between Samhain and Beltane, while the "god virtues," those we might consider more masculine, fall between Beltane and Samhain.

Just as the Wheel of the Year balances light and dark, growth and rest, so the virtues extolled in the Charge of the Goddess balance each other. All of them can be taken to excess or left undeveloped; the diligent practitioner seeks to cultivate them in a harmonious way.

Yule: Compassion

Imbolc: Humility

Ostara: Beauty

Beltane: Mirth

Midsummer: Power

Lammas: Honor

Mabon: Strength

Samhain: Reverence

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