In December of 2000, Beliefnet member demeter57 started a discussion called "Gratitude Attitude," making one simple request: "List here every day, at least one thing you're grateful for."

Now, six months-and almost 1300 posts later-members continue to share their inspiring messages on a regular basis. Here are some of the gems of thankfulness from Wiccans who have posted:

"I am grateful...."

"....for my not-quite-three-yet granddaughter who just wandered by looking for her mom, and said, 'Good mornin' Gramma.' She is healthy and smart and beautiful. I am grateful that my life is so ordered that I can spend 4 days a week with her, watching her grow and learn and love. Thank you, Goddess."

"....to have wonderful friends who have encouraged a shy, quite, insecure woman to believe that she is beautiful, worthy, and strong. And to the Goddess for placing a guy in my path and telling me to enjoy, even though the anixety kicks in every once in a while."

"....for winter. I'm grateful for the fact that Nature is beautiful in her sleep--so quiet, so full of such gentle color, so restful to look at. The thin sunlight, the grays and browns of the barren woods, the little skims of ice on the water--She was lovely to look at today, and I was glad to have the chance to get out and watch her sleep."

"....that here most understand it is not how well one draws a circle or creates the perfect chant that expresses one's spiritual journey, but how one lives their everyday life, how one approaches pain and happiness, health and illness, abundance and shortage. That it is who we truly are that shines our spirit and our decision to live Wicca, not our fancy robes or candles or how many books we own."

"....the blessings of my Goddess. The breath She gives me. The blood She flows through my veins. The life She has taken me to."

What you are grateful for? Add your reflections

What you are grateful for? Add your reflections

"I am grateful...."

"....that I have coven mates who are more than friends. They are family and we share a bond and a love that is more precious than blood. We can't chose who we are related to, but we can choose who we bond with and congregate with and who we love with our heart and souls."

"....for a love that goes far beyond the physical realm, and even if we never touch physically, we will always touch spiritually.... a love that shows us how much more than just physical bodies we are and allows us to share our souls. Thank you Goddess above for guiding us back to each other so that our souls and spirits can be together if not our bodies...."

"....that the Goddess has persisted with me until I am able to begin to believe. I am grateful for her love and guidance in all things and for having patience with me when I cannot understand what she wants from me."

"....to the Lord and Lady for the safe birth of my beautiful son, for the strong and beautiful daughter who was present to witness his passage into this life, and for my sweet and loving husband who sponged my forehead as I labored."

"....for lilacs...they are, for me the herald that spring is more than a winter's dream and the trumpet of childhood memories that you think you've forgotten...the smell alone can transport me clearly back to (being) 5 years old and the twin lilacs in the side yard...the smell on warm spring nights was incredible...they are also the symbol for me that dreams don't have to fade with the tulips and daffodils. They can become beautiful in the fullness of spring..."

What you are grateful for? Add your reflections

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