Here are some things you might want to consider if you are thinking about "coming out" as a pagan:

  • Many pagan teens don't have pagan parents so I would suggest that you wait until you feel ready and safe within yourself.

  • Because paganism is so popular today, the friends and family of most teens probably won't be completely ignorant about this religion. But remember that people tend to fear and reject what they do not understand. If you are planning on telling your parents or friends, you might want to share literature--books, newsletters, articles, and interviews with people in the craft--that explains paganism in a non-threatening way. Usually people are curious about paganism but tend to have lots of misgivings. Oftentimes, paganism can best be explained as an earth-based religion, similar to the beliefs and practices of Native Americans.

  • To help someone understand your choice, show them the beauty of paganism by walking in nature--under the night sky, in a garden, by a river or the ocean--and explain why it works for you.

  • It is helpful to have support when facing a difficult situation; many pagan organizations have websites that link isolated pagans with a community in his or her area, or possibly lead to correspondence that can offer support.

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