Leviticus 13:40-13:54

If a man loses the hair of his head and becomes bald, he is clean. If he loses the hair on the front part of his head and becomes bald at the forehead, he is clean. But if a white affection streaked with red appears on the bald part in the front or at the back of the head, it is a scaly eruption that is spreading over the bald part in the front or at the back of the head. The priest shall examine him: if the swollen affection on the bald part in the front or at the back of his head is white streaked with red, like the leprosy of body skin in appearance, the man is leprous; he is unclean. The priest shall pronounce him unclean; he has the affection on his head. As for the person with a leprous affection, his clothes shall be rent, his head shall be left bare, and he shall cover over his upper lip; and he shall call out, "Unclean! Unclean!" He shall be unclean as long as the disease is on him. Being unclean, he shall dwell apart; his dwelling shall be outside the camp. When an eruptive affection occurs in a cloth of wool or linen fabric, in the warp or in the woof of the linen or the wool, or in a skin or in anything made of skin; if the affection in the cloth or the skin, in the warp or the woof, or in any article of skin, is streaky green or red, it is an eruptive affection. It shall be shown to the priest; and the priest, after examining the affection, shall isolate the affected article for seven days. On the seventh day he shall examine the affection: if the affection has spread in the cloth--whether in the warp or the woof, or in the skin, for whatever purpose the skin may be used--the affection is a malignant eruption; it is unclean. The cloth--whether warp or woof in wool or linen, or any article of skin--in which the affection is found, shall be burned, for it is a malignant eruption; it shall be consumed in fire. But if the priest sees that the affection in the cloth--whether in warp or in woof, or in any article of skin--has not spread, the priest shall order the affected article washed, and he shall isolate it for another seven days.
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