Leviticus 13:55-13:59

And if, after the affected article has been washed, the priest sees that the affection has not changed color and that it has not spread, it is unclean. It shall be consumed in fire; it is a fret, whether on its inner side or on its outer side. But if the priest sees that the affected part, after it has been washed, is faded, he shall tear it out from the cloth or skin, whether in the warp or in the woof; and if it occurs again in the cloth--whether in warp or in woof--or in any article of skin, it is a wild growth; the affected article shall be consumed in fire. If, however, the affection disappears from the cloth--warp or woof--or from any article of skin that has been washed, it shall be washed again, and it shall be clean. Such is the procedure for eruptive affections of cloth, woolen or linen, in warp or in woof, or of any article of skin, for pronouncing it clean or unclean.
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