<p>Shabbat, the Jewish Day of Rest, provides an opportunity to pause and reflect, to search one's soul and focus on one's loved ones after the frenzied days of the work week. Some observant Jews say they couldn't function without it. Take this quiz to find out what you know about Shabbat: </p>

Shabbat, sometimes considered the crowning jewel of Judaism, is known as:


How would you describe the mood most closely associated with Shabbat?


Which is the only day on the Jewish calendar which supersedes Shabbat in holiness?


Shabbat, the Day of Rest, can be traced to the biblical story of:


Two of the Judaism’s special obligations for women are associated with the Sabbath. One is lighting candles as Shabbat begins. The other is:


In one tradition of Shabbat eve, parents cover their children’s heads, and ask that their daughters experience the fate of Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah, and that their sons be blessed in the manner of:


When is it permitted to violate Shabbat?


Which of the following is traditionally served for Shabbat lunch?


Which of the following accurately describes Shabbat’s duration?


Which of the following activities would be considered one of the 39 forbidden acts of Shabbat?


What is the most central goal of Shabbat?


Observant Jews usher Shabbat out of their lives by conducting a short ritual with a long braided candle. It is called:


At synagogue services on Saturday, Jews read from a book called a:


Which of the following is NOT said about Shabbat:

Your result is:
A Shabbat sage

You are intimately familiar with the traditions and rituals of the Jewish Sabbath. Mazel tov.

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Your result is:

Holy challah! Your knowledge of Shabbat stinks more than a pickled herring -- which is, by the way, a fish appetizer traditionally offered in synagogue, following Saturday services.

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Your result is:

Nice try. While you have some understanding of the Jewish Day of Rest, you probably don't yet truly grasp the spirit of Shabbat, which some say provides "a taste of the world to come."

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