<p>The Bible depicts the foremothers — Sarah Rebecca, Rachel and Leah — as complex individuals, women of great strength and spirituality, but also as tricksters, at times driven by envy. How much do you know about these revered figures, whose names have been intoned in prayers for centuries? Take this quiz and find out.</p>

Which of the matriarchs does not attempt to deceive her husband?

Sarah alone among the four foremothers does not attempt to deceive her husband. Leah and her sister Rachel, participate in a ruse plotted by their father Laban, fool Jacob on his wedding night; Leah dresses as the bride, posing as her sister Rachel. Jacob marries her thinking he is marrying his beloved Rachel. Rebecca deceives her husband Isaac into blessing their son Jacob and giving him the birthright, instead of their son Esau.

Which forefather married two foremothers?

Jacob, duped into marrying Laban’s older daughter Leah, agrees to work for Laban for seven additional years in order to secure the hand of Laban’s younger daughter, Rachel. Abraham marries Sarah. Moses marries Zipporah. Isaac marries Rebecca.

Which Jewish foremother marries her cousin?

The sisters Leah and Rachel marry their cousin Jacob. (Jacob’s mother Rebecca and Leah and Rachel’s father Laban are siblings). Rebecca marries Isaac, her first cousin, once removed. (Rebecca’s father Bethuel is Abraham’s nephew; Abraham is Isaac’s father.)

Which matriarch is said to be buried at the Cave of Machpelah in Hebron?


What are the biblical foremothers called in Hebrew?


Egalitarian-minded modern Jews have incorporated the matriarchs into many aspects of Jewish ritual, including:


Which Jewish foremother conceives without difficulty?


Why does Abraham ask Sarah to pretend to be his sister, and Isaac ask Rebecca to do the same when they travel through foreign lands?


Sarah demonstrated her power in familial matters when she:

At that time it was not unusual for a barren wife to hire a surrogate to bear children with her husband. To read more about the story of Hagar, see the Book of Genesis, chapters 16 and 21.

What did Sarah do when she learned she was pregnant at the age of 90?


According to midrashic literature, Rebecca and Sarah are characterized as “women of the tent.” Miracles transpire in these tents. Which of the following is NOT mentioned?


How does Rebecca reveal her kind nature?


How does Rebecca reveal her insightful nature?


What undesirable trait is attributed to Leah in the Bible?


What did Rachel do which demonstrates her generous nature?


The Bible hints that Leah eventually comes to terms with her role as second-best wife to Jacob. How can we recognize this shift?


Rachel barters with her sister Leah, because Rachel desires:

Rachel, who is barren, wanted the mandrake roots which were believed to aid in fertility. In exchange, Rachel gives up a night of sex with Jacob, who is married to both sisters, but more passionately loves Rachel.

Rachel’s Tomb, which to this day functions as a Jewish holy site, stands at the entrance to Bethlehem. What emanates from the tomb, according to Jeremiah in Prophets?

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