Hannukah Menorah Candles


"This is my favorite Hanukkah Menorah! I live in a small Jewish community and my family is gone, so it reminds me of Hanukkahs past and of my time living in Jerusalem. The way the lights from the flames have somehow been reflected below the menorah also makes me think that those lights are seen in heaven above as well as down here on earth. As with all our holidays, Hanukkah is one best celebrated together and here, in these photographs, all the candles are lit together."

Dr. David Saphier
Shreveport, Louisiana

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"We love to travel as a family during Winter Break each year. Sometimes Hanukkah falls during our vacation. No matter where we are going to be, we take our Hanukkiot with us. This photo was taken during our December '03 adventure in Birch Bay, Washington. Our daughter, Megan, (pictured), was celebrating her 14th birthday that week as well. That year we found that the lighting of the candles brought with it an extra-special sense of calm."

Maia Alpert
Aliso Viejo, California

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"Many years ago, (1971) when Sheila, my daughter, was in high school, she and I visited a store at our temple. She saw a menorah made from the Wailing Wall in Israel, and decided to make one for me. So she made the cups for the candles at her craft department at school. She is now 53 years old, and I have used this menorah every year since then. We enjoy the holiday because it celebrates bringing the family together for a very happy holiday. Thank you for this opportunity to share with you my creative daughter."

Silvia H.
New Jersey

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"This is a photo taken on the last night of Hanukkah in 2004. My daughter wanted to light her menorah and our traditional menorah together. We try to celebrate Hanukkah with my family in Florida but sometimes the holiday doesn't jive with our school schedule and we have to celebrate it by ourselves in California. On these occasions we call my parents every night of Hanukkah and sing Maoz Tzur together. It is important to both my daughter and me that we have this family tradition."

Faye Tash
Northridge, California

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"As a single mother who lives on the other side of the country from the rest of my family, and as a mother of an adopted child, it was extremely important for me to instill in my daughter strong roots, with an understanding of and appreciation for the holiday traditions that our family has celebrated for generations. The photos are of my daughter on Hanukkah two years ago. She had just turned three. My grandfather did not live long enough to meet my daughter, but I believe that he was instrumental in working with G-d to unite me with this wonderful, healthy, joyous child from half a world away. I am certain that he looks down on us each year as we light the Hanukkah candles... he smiles and says... 'the roots are good.'"

Susan L. Holland
San Rafael, California

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