Bracha Fima's husband has made the trip to Uman seven times' already, and he's going again this year. "I know some wives get really upset that their husbands want to go to Uman for Rosh Hashana, but each year I practically push him out the door," she says.


"Because he always comes back better than before. Uman changes people; it brings out the best in them. He's in a completely different space now than he was seven years' ago, and I'm giving most of the credit for that to Uman and Rebbe Nachman."

Uman, the city of miracles

Amazing stories are told about things that have happened after a visit to Uman: infertile couples suddenly discover the wife is expecting; terminal illnesses disappear; difficult marriages that were heading for the rocks turn around; people suddenly meet their life-partner, after decades of waiting.

In more and more parts of the Jewish world, Uman is gaining a reputation as the city of miracles, and the place to be if you want to start your New Year off right.