Alef א

I yearn for You, your Divine embrace. And here you are without a sound. Two yuds connected to your vav, a line dangled in the air with your right foot touching upon adamah, earth. From the heavens one yud suspends from above, and touches you on the right, the leg of You closest to the ground. A second yud, from the left suspended from your vav, touching earth. You are the link between the worlds. You are silent. We begin here. I climb down, or up, as a child on a jungle gym. I play quietly. Then I hear You. Your breath, in and out. I find you. . .

Heh ה

And here is a sound of my breath, Mine? Yours? Ours? A desire of union. Do you arch over me or do I protect you? You are called reish. A mother bending over her child, the yid, or yud, upon the earth. leaving a space for growth, for the in-breath and out. Inhale and exhale. I step forward. . .

Bet ב

And Your vav is here to welcome me, now flat upon the earth so I may rest in Your hearth, mother continuing to protect me. Your feet on the ground as you shade me. You make me a house with a wall and floor to abide in, to settle within You. I learn. And yet you leave a door, an opening. Am I ready? A cave you are, a sukkah. I look forward. Yearnings to explore, to see more. I want to go. I could sit within forever. I watch your spine, expanding and contracting. You draw me forward. Courage. I come out and am within you.

Heh ה

And I breathe You in and out. Heh. Inhale and exhale. As a lover or a friend, breathing in and out. You give me comfort, assurance. The little yid, yud. I breathe with you, You leaning over me. In. Out. I stretch my legs and stand with You. So this is love. אהבה

Yonina Andrea Foster, Ph.D. Reb Sami's Bridge of Yearning, litugry Smicha Week 2012 www.yoninatorahseed.com

So this is love. אהבה

Reb Sami's Bridge of Yearning, litugry

Smicha Week 2012


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