10 Jewish Tees to Express Your Faith

Compiled by Sherry Huang

Welcome summer with humorous Jewish t-shirts like the one shown above: "Jew-Jitsu." The design shows a traditionally dressed Jewish man crouched in a martial arts position while throwing weapons in the shape of the Star of David.

Some of the t-shirts here may seem irreverent when combined with familiar pop culture references, but we hope you'll keep an open mind and see which designs tickle your faith.

Click through our gallery of hilarious Jewish t-shirts.

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Sherry Huang is an associate editor at Beliefnet.

Jonah and the Technicolor Whale

Forget Joseph and his amazing technicolor dreamcoat. Here, Jonah floats in the belly of a rainbow-colored whale, waiting for God's deliverance.

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Riffing on Mac's iPod ads, a Hasidic Jewish man is rocking out on his "chaiPod," the "i" in iPod replaced by the Hebrew symbol chai (prounounced "hi"), which represents life.

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Jew Talkin' to Me?

Channel Robert De Niro's character in the movie, "Taxi Driver," in this design of a Hasidic Jew sporting tough sunglasses.

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Challah Back Girl

Gwen Stefani popularized the urban slang "holla back girl" in one of her songs to show a woman's strength. This tee wittily substitutes "holla" for "challah," to show a woman's strong love for bread.

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Feel like sugar and spice in one of these tees to show that you're deliciously Jewish and, of course, 100% kosher.

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Biblical Disaster

Reimagine Noah's ark as the sinking Titanic, with all animals on lifeboats except for a poor unicorn. No wonder its mythological.

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Super Jew!

The Hebrew symbol for "s" (shin) fills out the familiar Superman logo. Wear this tee to show your faith is as strong as steel.

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Winnie the Jooh

A.A. Milne's adorable honey-loving bear gets a faith makeover. Winnie the Pooh becomes a Hasidic "Jooh" in black clothes and long sideburns.

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Yo Semite

"Yosemite" is cleverly separated into two words to become a hip, urban greeting: "Yo Semite" is the same as saying "Hi Jew."

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Gefilte Fish

The recognizable Christian fish symbol becomes Jewish when it acquires the word "Gefilte," a distinctive dish of fried fish patties.

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