Like many others who make the similar mistake of thinking that "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" I did not realize the serious dilution of Judaism's monotheistic message that would result from being twinned with a culture which promotes human beings as gods.

I have since learned from my mistake and two years ago declined Michael's kind invitation to me and my family to attend his 35th anniversary concert in his special friend's box. I told my children at the time that I wanted them to understand that no man but God is the real Thriller.

I was taught as a child that there is no greater privilege than to add to God's grandeur, and there is no greater failure than to diminish His glory. When I have made mistakes in my life I have been pained not only by the personal consequences of my actions but especially by the fact that as a rabbi and a Jew I diminished a great religion.

Madonna has taken the Zohar--"the book of luminosity"--and made it dark. While Judaism will always flourish with spiritual seekers, it will founder with publicity-seekers.

God promised Abraham that his children would be "like the stars of the heaven," not the stars of the silver screen. The stars of heaven give light amid an all-encompassing darkness, and, indeed, the Jewish nation has retained its righteousness in a dark and cruel world.

But movie stars are counterfeit constellations set in a world of make believe.

Far from aggrandizing Kabbalah, Madonna's practice of it sends the message that one can be mystical without being spiritual, and one can claim to be holy while having lost all dignity.

Sounds pretty fake to me.