The following is a letter from Christian Broadcasting Network chair Pat Robertson to Abe Foxman, responding to Foxman's letter accusing a CBN video of being anti-Semitic.

Mr. Abraham H. Foxman
National Director
Anti-Defamation League

Dear Abe:

I am in receipt of your letter of April 12, 2002 in which you have taken offense at a couple of minutes in an animated cartoon feature dealing with events occurring 2000 years ago called "The Easter Promise." I have not seen the cartoon feature that you mentioned, nor did I have anything to do with its production. The executive in charge, Michael Little, also had oversight of our Middle East television broadcasting on the border of Israel. Under no circumstance would this friend of the Jews and great defender of Israel permit a product even vaguely anti-Semitic. Until your letter, there has never been one single complaint about this program.

It does seem that the Democratic Party must be very concerned about the Fall elections since it sent its principal secret agent into action in April. You waited until July 1996 before you attempted to influence the election by launching your broadside at evangelical Christians with a book that you yourself acknowledged was full of distortions and, in one case concerning me, an absolute falsehood. This book, despite the distortions, was republished by the ADL and offered as a fund raising premium.

Perhaps you have missed the news recently, but let me bring you up-to-date.

1. Israel is under vicious attack by suicide bombers who have killed several hundred innocent Israeli citizens.

2. Israel has been the victim of resolutions against it by the United Nations Security Council.

3. Israel has been threatened with economic sanctions by the European Economic Community.

4. A new international court is being convened and suggestions are being made that the leadership of Israel be tried before that court for "war crimes."

5. A Palestinian leader who is dedicated to the destruction of Israel has been called a "partner for peace" by the United States. If Israel loses the West Bank territory and East Jerusalem, it will soon be faced with a war for its ultimate survival under assault by Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority and the Islamic radicals.

6. Muslim schools in the United States of America have maps which do not show Israel, only "Palestine." These same textbooks have a statement in which a tree cries out, "Oh righteous Muslim . there's a Jew hiding behind me . come and kill him!"

7. There is a rise of vicious anti-Semitism all over Europe. The world is witnessing bombings of synagogues in France as well as strong anti-Jewish sentiment being evidenced in Germany and England.

8. Saddam Hussein is close to obtaining weapons of mass destruction and a delivery system to take these weapons to the heart of Israel. The Arab nations are cheering him on in the hopes that an Arabic nuclear bomb can be the weapon to destroy Israel.

To think that in the midst of these epic struggles, when I am doing everything in my power to defend the rights of Jews and Israel against these unprecedented attacks against them by radical Islam, the leader of the Anti-Defamation League decides he wants to pick a fight with me over a couple of cartoon characters and a few lines of fictional dialogue dealing with the ancient history of two competing groups of Israelites. I am simply appalled that you are so insular in focus.

But Abe, I understand your game. It is clear that your focus is not the defense of worldwide Jewry, but the domestic political agenda of the Democratic Party of the United States who has done more to poison the relations between Jews and Christians in America than you. I marvel that the Board of the Anti-Defamation League hasn't restrained you some time ago.

I remain.

Pat Robertson

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