Excerpted from "The Gift of Kabbalah" by Tamar Frankiel with permission of Jewish Lights Publishing.

Editor's note: These affirmations are based on the ten sefirot, the divine energies that kabbalists believe are manifested in every aspect of creation. The sefirot are: keter (crown), chochmah (wisdom), binah (understanding), chesed (expansiveness), gevurah (restraint), tiferet (splendor), netzach (perseverence), hod (surrender), yesod (foundation), and malkhut (manifestations).

An affirmation is a way of creating a positive mindset. Many of us have, over the years, created mental habits that are like ruts in a driveway-we simply go down them without thinking because they're the path of least resistance. Affirmations create new mental habits, a new and more beautiful and expansive road for our minds to travel.

One kind of affirmation is an "I am" meditation. These are specifically about yourself. They work best if they are framed in a way that expresses your being, not your doing. In other words, they should be "I am" statements, not "I can" statements. Remember that Anochi, "I am," is the first word spoken by God in giving the revelation at Sinai to the Jewish people. It is the essence of the sefirah of Chochmah. When you say "I am," you should try to use words that express your eternal essence, not your temporary frame of mind or feelings. (In daily life, this means it is better to say "I feel tired" rather than "I am tired"; "I feel angry rather than "I am angry," etc.) It's not always necessary to use "I am" for affirmations, but the sense of being-ness should be prominent.

Affirmation 1
This first set of affirmations is designed to set up a positive frame of mind, which will allow you to see yourself in the context of the Divine creative energy that sustains the universe at all times, along with the framework created by the Tree of Life of the sefirot. You may wish to use them individually or say them as a series, after your morning devotions. After you become familiar with the ideas expressed, you may wish to change some of the words so that they feel comfortable.

I am a spark of God. My essence is Divine.

I emerged from the wild creativity of existence--I am a path worth risking everything for.

My being--body, mind, and spirit--is aligned with the patterning of the universe. I am a temple for my Divine soul.

I am a seeker of higher Divine unity through my mind.

I am in touch with the support of the universe, the unconditional love of God.

My limitations and challenges are Divine gifts.

I am a free being, choosing to align my will with God's will.

I am a giver, wholeheartedly contributing my effort to creating the world by tending my little part of the universe.

I am grateful, appreciating and honoring the work of others.

I am a channel of transmission, gathering and passing on all that comes to and through me for the good, to other living beings and to the next generation.

I am part of a greater whole, joining with all other beings to express gratitude and praise to the Creator of the universe.

Affirmation 2
Another kind of affirmation expresses a positive view of the world around you, resetting your world view as you might reset your watch. When we feel victimized or want to blame someone, when we feel disappointed or don't understand why our plans aren't working out, or when we feel overwhelmed, this kind of affirmation can be very helpful. The following list is also correlated with the sefirot, to help you at difficult times, when you are experiencing conflicts or when you are having difficulties in seeing the good in what is happening.

Master of the universe, may Your Will be done.

This world is being infused with Divine intent at every moment.