In reaction to comments made by Senator Joseph Lieberman on the "Imus in theMorning" radio program this past Friday, including his disparagement of atraditional Jewish blessing and his denial of any Jewish religious ban onJews marrying outside their faith, Agudath Israel of America issued thefollowing statement:

As an observant Jew who finds himself in the world spotlight, SenatorLieberman has a great opportunity to help American Jews and non-Jews alikebetter understand Jewish beliefs and practices. And whenever he has doneso, as through his much-admired dedication to the Jewish Sabbath or dietarylaws, a kiddush Hashem (sanctification of G-d's name) has resulted.

Unfortunately, Senator Lieberman effected precisely the opposite when heimplied, on a nationally syndicated radio program, that the Jewish liturgyis subject to individual Jews' whims, and that Jews are not banned by theirfaith from marrying non-Jews.

The Senator's statements misrepresent basic foundations of our faith, andcarry the tragic potential of misleading countless Jews on issues offundamental importance to the future of the Jewish community.