Understanding Through Empathy

As we can see, a Muslim’s life is marked by a remarkable discipline and adherence to the tenets of the Islamic faith—this practice is much more ordered and visible than what we see in many other religions, but much less understood.

These men and women, for example, are not praying for the harm of non-Muslims when they bend their knees in prayer—they are reminding themselves of the positive attributes of God.

But the challenge of Muslims all over the world lies in presumption and misinformation—because relatively small groups of terrorists aim to achieve their very political goals beneath the façade of religion, all Muslims can sometimes feel the sting of the world’s suspicion.

But knowing the story of our fictional Muslim man will, hopefully, not only pique your interest in another culture, but dispel any negative preconceived notions you may have been holding. He, in the day we witnessed, did not dwell on the downfall of Western civilization or the harm of his neighbors. No—many of his activities revolved around loving God, working, and having fun with his friends, just as many Americans do. He is us.

And when we realize that, the challenges facing our fellow humans grows just a little bit less.