"We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity."
--Columnist Ann Coulter, September 2001

"We're not attacking Islam but Islam has attacked us. The God of Islam is not the same God. He's not the son of God of the Christian or Judeo-Christian faith. It's a different God, and I believe it [Islam] is a very evil and wicked religion."
--Franklin Graham, November 2001

"[Muhammad was] a demon-possessed pedophile."
--Rev. Jerry Vines, former president, Southern Baptist Convention, June 2002

"And I will tell you Allah is not Jehovah, either. Jehovah's not going to turn you into a terrorist that'll try to bomb people and take the lives of thousands and thousands of people."
--Rev. Jerry Vines, June 2002

"I think it might be a good idea to get them [Muslims] on some sort of hobby other than slaughtering infidels."
--Columnist Ann Coulter, interview with Katie Couric, June 2002

"The Muslim population is going down!.We are on God's side. This is not a war between Arabs and Jews. It's a war between God and the devil."
--Televangelist Benny Hinn, July 2002

"I think it's [terrorism's] more mainstream. And it's not just a handful of extremists. If you buy the Qur'an, read it for yourself, and it's in there."
--Franklin Graham, on "Hannity & Colmes", August 2002

"I believe the Qur'an teaches violence. It doesn't teach peace, it teaches violence."
--Franklin Graham, Beliefnet interview, August 2002

"This man [Muhammad] was an absolute wild-eyed fanatic. He was a robber and a brigand."
--Pat Robertson, on "Hannity & Colmes", September 2002

"I think Mohammed was a terrorist."
--Jerry Falwell, October 6, CBS 60 Minutes

"I like our President but he's dead wrong when he says Islam or the Quran is a book of love and peace. Mr. President, that has got to be the most asinine, idiotic, ridiculous, utterly ludicrous statement that I've ever heard in my life.

"...You know what we ought to do? We ought to take every single Muslim student in every college in this nation and ship them back to where they came from. And we ought to tell every other Muslim living in this nation, if you say one word, you're gone. You're gone."

--Jimmy Swaggart, Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, November 10, 2002

"Somehow I wish the Jews in America would wake up, open their eyes and read what is being said about them...This is worse than the Nazis...Adolf Hitler was bad, but what the Muslims want to do to the Jews is worse."
--Pat Robertson, Christian Broadcasting Network, November 11, 2002

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