Muslims AGAINST Terrorism was founded in the wake of the tragedy of September 11th by a group of young American Muslims. Our goal is to honor the loss of the thousands who were senselessly killed by working to ensure that it never happens again. We stand, as Muslims, against all forms of terrorism in all parts of the world. We seek to increase awareness and understanding about the true teachings of Islam, a religion that preaches peace, love of humanity and service to the community. We are actively engaged in outreach to all individuals and organizations. We seek to inspire other groups and communities to speak up against violence and injustice around the world. Only through dialogue, cooperation, and mutual respect can we achieve the peace and justice the world so urgently needs.

--From the website of Muslims AGAINST Terrorism
Statement by MAT after September 11

"Our mission is to stand up, as Muslims, against those who preach hatred and violence in the name of Islam and to promote peace and understanding through interfaith and intercultural coalition building. We are tired of extremists dictating the public face of Islam. We are committed to mobilizing the silent majority of Muslims, a majority which is in favor of peace, tolerance, and mutual respect."
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