Muslims may think the jokes reveal that the concept of the "Son of God" doesn't make sense and that it's funny how Christians are bested here by Muslims. Christians, on the other hand, may find the jokes funny since they are typical of the Muslim misunderstanding of what "Son of God" means and as such revealing of the common Muslim ignorance of this issue.

The legendary Maulana Rehmatullah Kairanwi of India was once involved in a debate with a Christian missionary.

The missionary in his opening statement asked the Maulana, "Maulana Sahib, why didn't God save his Prophet's grandsons when they were martyred at Karbala and didn't Prophet Muhammad pray for their safety?"

The Maulana answered, "God cried and said I couldn't even save my own son, how I can save your grandsons?"

A Christian missionary was on his way to run some errands, so he hired a rickshaw.

The rickshaw-puller happened to be a Muslim. The Christian preacher began to preach the Gospel to the rickshaw puller.

The rickshaw puller got annoyed and asked the preacher, "How many sons did God have?" The missionary answered, "One."

At this, the rickshaw puller got more annoyed and said, "I am a 30-year-old poor rickshaw puller, and I have 12 children. If your God is really as great as you claim him to be, then how come he has only one son?"

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