Ramadan comes to an end this week. Muhammad said, "For theperson who is fasting, there are two moments of happinessand rejoicing - when he breaks his fast, and when he meetshis Lord." At Sojourners we have been blessed to be thecrossing point for people all over the world - Christians,Muslims, Jews, and others of good will - who have fasted andprayed for peace this season. In our office it has beengood for us to gather as the sun sets for a small break-fastprayer and snacks before heading home.

While the fasting season comes to an end we know that thehunger pains of the poor and our own hunger for justice isever with us, but in the midst of it we are commanded tolaugh and be joyful. Below is a Persian parable from NasrEddin Hodja on "Rich and Poor."

Famine and calamity gripped the land. Yet for that, noteveryone was dying of hunger: the rich had stored awaywheat, oil, dried vegetables, and meats. So the lady Khadijasaid to her husband, "Nasr Eddin, the whole town considersyou a wise man. Stop just sitting around with your armscrossed doing nothing; go to the town square, call thepeople together, and try to convince the rich to give thepoor something to eat." Nasr Eddin found that his wife wasvery correct in her wisdom. He did as she said. Many hourslater he returned home, his face radiant. "My wife, let usgive thanks to Allah the Merciful!" "So you succeeded inyour task?" she asked. "It was not an easy mission, and Iwas only partially successful," Nasr answered. "What doyou mean that you were 'partially successful'?" "Well.
..exactly that. I have completely succeeded in convincingthe poor of receiving something to eat!"

Blessings and peace in this season of joy.