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I enjoy being a Muslim because there is no need for an intermediary between God and myself. We pray directly to Him and He hears our grieves and answers our prayers. There is no hierarchy in Islam. No one has more powers to communicate with God or to forgive sins.

-- muslimgirl

I am grateful Allah guided me to Islam because had He not done so I would probably have died from alcohol poisoning or taking an overdose on Prozac, or something...

I am grateful to have Islam, because it is a religion that appeals to my heart and intellect: it opens my heart and makes me a better person, and appeals to my reasoning and gets me thinking.

-- qezus

...always we strive to submit ourselves completely to God's Will. Why? Because God's Will ensures us that we will succeed in life, and it reduces all risk. Me, I don't like driving in the fast lane or bungee jumping or hiking off the beaten path. I prefer a straight path, the "path of whom God has favored, and not the one which earns His anger" (Allah swt, Qur'an, sura 1, "Al-Fatiha").

-- mujahid

I like being Muslim because we have our priorities sorted out, we put God's rights first. I like being muslim because Allah has the right to be worshipped alone, women have rights to be protected and honoured and children have the rights to be protected and innocent and men have the rights to be protective, trusted and to provide for us.

-- an_undercover_sis

Because Salat brings me closer to Allah. Because reading the Quran gives me a glimpse into Allah. Because without Islam Man is lost.

-- eott

More "I Like Being" quotes
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