Zakat Basics:

Zakat Information Center
Learn more about Zakat from Islam.org.

Hadith on Zakat
Read what the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had to say about Zakat.

Zakat from Islamicvoice.com
This site offers an in-depth look at Zakat.

Zakat from IslamiQ.com
Learn more about Zakat and Islamic finance from IslamiQ.com, a site providing Muslim-specific financial products and services.

Check out these Interactive Zakat Calculators:

Zakat Calculator
Calculate how much you owe this year with this interactive zakat calculator provided by the Muslim Investor Network

Muslim Charitable Organizations:

Global Relief Foundation
A Muslim relief organization in North America providing help for people in need around teh world.

Housing Outreach for Muslim Sisters
Housing outreach for Muslim women

Benevolence International Foundation
Muslim humanitarian organization that provides services to people afflicted by wars. Offers volunteer opportunities and accepts online monetary donations.

Zakat/Charity Online:

Give Zakat online through Islamicity.com or Muttaqun.com.

ALSO: Check out Beliefnet's List of Charitable Organizations.

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