A well-known prayer of the Prophet Muhammad (saws), taken from the Mevlevi Wird, a daily litany of sufi prayers from the Mevlevi Dervishes. In the Name of God, the Infinitely Compassionate and Most Merciful . . . O our Sustainer, You are Peace and from You comes all Peace and our ultimate return is to You, to Peace. O our Sustainer, continually You enliven us with Peace. Allow us to enter Your Garden, the Abode of Peace. O our Sustainer, bless us with Peace. With Your Peace You have exalted everything. O Lord of Maj-esty and Infinite Generosity. All praise and glory belongs to You. Limitless are You in Your glory. We could not worship You as You truly ought to be worshipped, O You who are worshipped. Subtle are You beyond all knowing. We could not know You as You truly ought to be known, O You who are the object of knowledge. All praise is due to God who guides one to well-being.
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