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Praying for those in our inner circles and those around us every day is a beautiful act. We may lift a father or mother in prayer or a close friend, but something typically overlooked is praying for someone you might not know, like a future spouse.

You may not know this person, or they haven’t been revealed to you as your future spouse, but God knows and sees. Praying for anyone is essential, but it’s even more important when that person is someone you’ll share a life and name with.

Prayers as children of Christ.

It’s vital to lift one another in the body of Christ. Everyone holds a crucial role in the church, and no one is without the need of prayer for wisdom, encouragement, protection or growth. The same can be said for prayers for your future spouse. Don’t only consider what’s necessary for them in becoming who they need to be to become a spouse but consider them for who they are as a child of God and fellow Christ followers. You would pray for a close friend, so it’s only suitable to pray for your spouse. As a wife or husband, they’ll not only come beside you romantically, but they’ll be confidants, friends, and partners in more ways than one. Remember, they’re first and foremost a child of God, then the person you marry.

Prayers for connecting with God.

Praying for your future spouse’s relationship with God might be the most significant prayer you pray for them because it puts the correct order of who their first love should be. Mark 12:30 tells us to love God with all our hearts, souls, minds, and strength. Jesus reminds us that our most significant and first love should be God, then others. Praying for your future spouse’s connection with God is urgent for their journey, growth, and who they’re becoming in the Lord.

Only when they have the proper order of allegiance and love with God can they properly love you. There’s also the yearning to see them reach the peak of all they can be in the Lord for who God has prepared them to be, and your prayers matter. Your humble petitions before God can open the door to impact your future spouse’s life.

Prayers for growth.

In the film “A Case for Christ,” Lee Strobel is an outspoken atheist and investigative journalist on a mission to disprove Christ. Throughout the story, his wife experiences something where she puts her hope in the Lord, choosing to pray for her husband to come to know God as well. She prays Ezekiel 36:26 over him every day. It took time, but through Lee’s voyage to disprove Jesus, he came to know Christ intimately, giving his life to God. This Ezekiel prayer from his wife was answered in full.

God changed this man, and the same effect can happen when you pray for your future spouse. Ask God to highlight scriptures to pray over your future spouse or write them out in a journal with a sincere heart, knowing that God is doing significant work in them towards growth in Him.

Intimacy through prayer.

Intimacy has different forms, but it’s the close union of two entities at its core. Even before you meet your spouse, you have the chance before God to connect with them through Him in prayer. This isn’t the usual way we create intimacy, but instead, a deeper bond of Godly love through Jesus that’s reserved and specific to one person. Ephesians 5 details instructions on Godly marriage, telling husbands to love their wives as Jesus loved the church.

Even before you’re married, you can choose to uphold prayers for your future spouse. You might not know your spouse, but God does, and there’s an intimacy unlike any other that comes via Godly love. You offer Holy Spirit cleansing through praying scripture upon them. When you’re married, it’ll become more profound, richer, and more concrete and the union of Jesus between the two of you by the bond of His blood.

Why pray?

Praying for your future spouse would be best because you trust in the Lord’s work. The Lord is working in them and within you, preparing you, changing you, and creating a spirit within you that’s ready to be a wife or husband. It’s a blessing and honor to become a spouse, and preparing and praying ahead of time will benefit you on the other side of the wedding altar. Praying for another person is also a way to bond with God in your relationship with Him. You come to see others through Jesus’ lens instead of your earthly eyes. Praying for others indicates becoming more like Christ every day.

A prayer for your future spouse.

Dear God,

I come to You today to pray sincerely pray for my future spouse. I may not know then, but You do. I pray for this beautiful person and creation You made in my future spouse. God, I pray for protection over this person from the enemy. I pray for a loyal, deep, and intimate relationship between You and this person You have in store for me.

God, I pray that You would refine, grow, and establish this person in what You have planned for their life. Help them as they prepare to become a spouse and work in their lives in every aspect so that the circumstances, timing, and details align for Your best. God, I’m so grateful that You created us to be so, and I pray that Your kingdom be blessed through this marriage and union. I’m so grateful for the good plans You have in store. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Praying for fellow believers is an essential part of Christianity, including praying for people we don’t know. When we pray for our future spouses, we ensure that their souls will be prepared when we meet them and that the union will be God-ordained and heaven-sent.

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