Harrison & Spirituality
In His Own Words
Quotes from Harrison on his spirituality, meditation, chanting, and more.

Quiz: The Spiritual Side of the Fab Four
How much do you know about the Beatles' spiritual songs and experiences? Take the quiz.

LINK: The Beatles in Rishikesh
Photos and flash presentation from the photographs of Paul Saltzman, who was with the Beatles in Rishikesh.

Hare Krishna Background
An Encounter With the Hare Krishnas
A travel writer on the religious group.

DISCUSSION: How Hindu Are the Hare Krishnas?
Post your thoughts or ask questions on the message boards.

Hindu Sect Is Foundering
Allegations of past child abuse threaten Hare Krishnas' existence. By Don Lattin

DISCUSSION: George Harrison Dying
Beliefnet's Hare Krishna community responds to Harrison's illness and death.

More on George Harrison: 1943-2001
Memorial for George Harrison
Share your thoughts and memories of the former Beatle.

Ex-Beatle Dies at 58
Read Harrison's obituary.

What Did Harrison Mean to You?
Share your reflections on the message boards.

My Life as "a George"
One fan's tribute. By Amy Cunningham

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