Beliefnet member indrani posted the following story related by "Ammachi."

A small boy walked into a shop in front of which was a sign: "Puppies Sold Here." The boy wanted so muchto have a puppy. Upon asking the owner, the boy was told the prices.The boy didn't have enough money; however, he pleadedwith the owner to let him have at least a glance at the puppies.

Unable to reject his plea, the owner whistled, and therecame a dog with many puppies. The boy watched thepuppies with keen interest and noticed that the puppy thatcame last was lame.

"Poor thing. What happened to it?" heasked the owner. "From birth it has been lame. All treatments tocure him have failed," said the owner. Looking at the puppywith deep pity, the boy asked, "Will you sell that puppy tome? I'll pay the price in installments." Looking at the boywith astonishment, the owner asked him, "Child, why do youneed a lame puppy? It won't be able to play with you. Can'tyou buy a normal one?" But the boy insisted that he wantedonly the lame puppy.

Finally, the shopkeeper said, "You can take the puppy withyou. I'll give it to you free." To the shopkeeper's surprise,the boy still insisted that he pay for the puppy--and at the same price as the others. The owner asked himwhy he was so fond of the lame puppy. The boy pulled uphis pants and showed him his artificial leg. "See, I too havelost a leg. Therefore, I'll be able to share my heart withthis puppy. I would be able to understand its pain, and itwould be able to understand mine.


Children, learn to look upon the sorrows of others as yourown sorrow and learn to make the joys of others your ownjoy. It may appear difficult to cultivate that attitude,but we have to make an effort.

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