Reprinted from Charisma News Service with permission.

Evangelist Benny Hinn and broadcaster Pat Robertson are among the targets of a "hit list" published by a militant Hindu organization. They are named along with 30 others - including the pope and Muslim terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden - on the HinduUnity.org Web site.

Under a banner of dripping blood and a hangman's noose, the "hit list" features those "guilty of leading efforts against our movement," who "will pay for their crimes!" Hinn is described as "a Baptist evangelist who goes to countries around the world, especially those with large Hindu populations like Trinidad or Guyana, and preaches about `the evils of Hindus and Hinduism.' He also tries to convert Hindus to Christianity." The profile adds: "All self-respecting Hindu[s] are asked to stop his gathering by all means possible."

Christian Broadcasting Network founder Robertson is linked to his network's 700 Club program and identified as "extremely terrified of Hinduism." The Web site says he has called Hinduism "a satanic religion" and that "he cannot be forgiven nor can his speeches be forgotten. He is truly a devil out to destroy something as pure as Hinduism."

Compass Direct said that a Colorado-based Internet provider had pulled the HinduUnity.org pages last month after complaints that they promoted violence and hatred toward Christians and Muslims. But the site is now back online, hosted by the radical Hatikva Jewish Identity Center in New York.

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