You are a bhakta.
You are the ultimate devotee of God. For you to be Hindu is to be intoxicated with the love of God. You spend your days reading the Gita Govinda or the words of the other great bhakti poets, and may chant and dance to the lyrical songs of the saints. Intimacy with the divine overshadows all worldly concerns.

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    Discuss your Hindu identity with other bhakti Hindus.

    Books and other products of interest to bhakti Hindus:

  • Bhagavad Gita, translated by Barbara Stoler-Miller
  • Gita Govinda, translated by Barbara Stoler-Miller
  • Devi: Goddesses of India, edited by John Stratton Hawley and Donna M. Wulff
  • CD: Divine Singing, Chaitanya Kabir
  • Hindu Goddesses, by David Kinsley
  • CD: Chants of India, Ravi Shankar
  • You are a philosopher Hindu.
    You are philosophical and abstract. Your Hinduism is intellectual; your love of the tradition is best found in the great speculative sources of the Upanishads and the philosophical traditions of the Acharyas. In your spare time, you're sometimes caught reciting from memory Patanjali's Yoga-sutras. You read lots of books and are a true sojourner along the jnanamarg, the path of knowledge.

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  • Excerpts from the Upanishads, translated by Patrick Olivelle
    -- Reaching the Seed
    -- Life Itself Does Not Die
    -- The Breathing Behind Breathing
  • Has Hatha Yoga Been Had?: The Hindu roots of yoga are nowhere to be seen in America's gyms. By Shoba Narayan
  • A Democratic Inclination: Are Hindu societies predisposed toward democracy? By Tunku Varadarajan
  • Discuss your Hindu identity with other philosopher Hindus.

    Books and other products of interest to you:

  • Upanisads, translated by Patrick Olivelle
  • The Rig Veda, edited by Wendy Doniger
    Vedanta Philosophy, by Swami Vivekananda
  • You are a traditionalist.
    You are a traditionalist, staunch in your conviction that the authority of the Vedas (scripture), Shastras (rules of conduct), and Parampara (traditions) contain all that Hindus need to know about how to live. You have great reverence for the past and for tradition. You're most unwilling to cast aside what is tried and true in favor of passing fads or modern interpretations of Hinduism.

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