In my work, I often deal with those who have experienced tragedies in their lives. Many times, they become angry with God because of these tragedies and wonder how God could have allowed them to happen. On the other hand, these same people often feel guilty that they are mad at God. In reality, however, the bottom line is that God did not cause these so called tragedies to occur, nor did he ignore their prayer requests.

Everything that happens in our lives is a learning experience for the growth of our souls. Sure, we could learn life’s lessons in easier ways, but sometimes we do not listen until there is a crisis. During various times in our lives, our souls may create events such as illnesses that force us to wake up and make changes we wouldn’t otherwise have made. Sometimes illness enables us to get the rest we desperately need, make the move we really want, quit the job we hate, get the divorce from our unhappy marriage, or do whatever else we need to do. If we would have listened to that inner knowingness beforehand, chances are the event or illness would not have occurred. 

What I strongly recommend is for us to be still and ask God to help us understand everything in a better way. When “bad” thinks happen, sometimes our first reaction is to blame God and ask, “Why me?” However, through all our sorrow and helplessness, God still shines through for us and never abandons us. Often when bad things happen, something good comes out of it in the long run. I’ve heard this time and time again.

It is in our most difficult hours that we need to feel God’s love the most. We need to tell him that we want to feel his presence stronger. We can ask as many angels as we feel are necessary to help us get rid of anything that is preventing us from feeling God’s peace. Remember, God and his angels want us to feel this peace again.

We can ask God to let us know what we need to do in order to get well or to make the situation better. We then need to quiet ourselves and just listen. We will receive an answer. They key is that we need to be willing to do whatever is being shown to us and act upon it. Yes, God is there, and he always was, but he will not force us to do anything. We have to make the decision to take whatever action is necessary for our own peace as well as for the peace of others.

God does answer our prayers, but not always in the way that we want them answered. If we pray for someone else to get better, for example, and it is not in the divine plan for that to happen, we may get angry at God if the person does not get well. However, since we are not able to see the whole picture, it is difficult to understand what the other soul needs to go through at the time; only God and the higher self of the other person know the answer to that. And even though God may not have answered the prayer in the exact way we wanted him to, God will help carry the person for whom we are praying through the seemingly difficult times and create inner peace in his or her life.

Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that light is God’s light. We shouldn’t give up on him because he never gave up on us. We need to remember that he never has and never will abandon us, and when we need him the most, he will carry us through it all. All we need to do is ask him to grant us peace and strength in any situation. We may not always understand why things happen now, but after we leave our bodies, we will finally understand the bigger picture.

Angel blessings to you!

Karen Noe is the founder of the Angel Quest Center in Ramsey, NJ. Read more at karennoe.com

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