Colton Burpo Went to Heaven

When three-year-old Colton Burpo’s appendix burst, doctors didn’t think he would survive surgery and warned his parents to expect the worst. Distraught, his preacher dad Todd went into a hospital room and started pleading with God in despair.

Colton not only pulled through, against all the odds, but was well enough to go home 17 days later. Colton told his parents how, while the surgeons were trying to save him, he visited heaven, sat on Jesus’s lap, patted his rainbow-striped horse and was serenaded by winged angels.

Died on the Operating Table

Ron Pettey died during his brain surgery in 1982. When he reached heaven, his name was not on the Book of Life at the gate of heaven. He was suffering from amnesia but God healed. While he still struggles with short-term memory problems, he now has the ability to see people's disease and angels.

Pronounced Dead But God Says Not Yet

Tony Davis was a young rhythm and blues singer who followed the path of many aspiring musicians. He moved to LA seeking to sing R&B and make it in the music industry. Tony's dreams of stardom just weren't coming true, so he turned to God for help. After a life-threating event occurred, Tony was left with his faith and the plea for a miracle.

An Atheist Believes

Ian McCormack was an atheist, living a totally worldly lifestyle, when he got stung by five deadly jellyfish. Ian died and went to hell, then to heaven - due to his Christian mother's prayers. After coming back to life, Ian believes that he was saved so that he could come back as a believer who treasured life for a change.

Heaven Through the Eyes of a Four Year Old

Silas was only four-years-old when God called him back to heaven. But, before this precious angel went home, he described to his mommy what he thought heaven was like and how excited he was to go. God blessed this little angel with a glorious gift of hope and faith.

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