Knocking Out Cancer

Pentecostal Evangelist, Smith Wigglesworth heals a man of cancer by punching the tumor. The blow kills him temporarily, but he wakes up cancer free. Lester Sumrall shares the story and touches on his relationship with Smith and their adventures together in ministry.

Eyes Be Opened

Mozambique missionary Heidi Baker tells of how God used her to open the eyes of a man who was born blind.

Let Your Glory Come

Bill Johnson at Bethel Church talks about the manifest presence of God appearing in the form of a glory cloud.

Man Sees Angel At Conference

Darren Wilson travels the world and discovers the God of miracles and furious love in the Bible.

Rise Up and Walk

Benny Hinn heals a young girl who is wheelchair bound from childhood arthritis.

From Jihad To Jesus

Jerry Rassamni was born in war torn Lebanon. He became a member of the Jihad army to slaughter Jews and Christians. In his attempt to disprove Jesus, he ends up finding the truth.

Back From The Dead

This Phillipino girl came back to life at her own funeral. She was pronounced dead just the day before.

How to Give Your Anger to God

God’s Word not only teaches how to deal with anger but also how to overcome sinful anger. Read next feature >

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