Call on Archangel Michael when you need courage or strength.  Michael will protect you and transform your fearful mind into one filled with peace.  Let Michael be your bodyguard today.

If you've had any sort of stressful or negative experience and it's causing you pain, either physical or emotional pain, it's wonderful to call on the Archangel Michael who is the supreme helper in any experience that brings up fear.

Archangel Michael, we call upon you now. Please come to us.

Help us release any negative energy that we may have absorbed and to release any attachments to fear from this situation or any situation that it reminds us of.

Michael, please clear us of any sort of un-forgiveness, any anger, or anything that we may be harboring, such as resentment or fear.

Breathing in: Archangel Michael's comforting and soothing energy.

Michael, we ask that you release us from anything that could be draining our energy or vitality and we ask that all mistakes in this situation be now undone in all directions of time for everyone involved and all affects lifted, in all directions of time. We ask that those involved are willing to forgive and to bring about peace in exchange for all pain.

Taking in a deep breath of this healing energy, and on the exhale: we let go of those feelings that came up before previously that were painful. And breathing in: peace, light, tranquility, to the best of our ability.

And as we breathe out one more time, we let go of judgments to the best that we can. Breathing in: the knowledge that we truly are one with everyone and that everyone’s doing the best that they can, even though we make mistakes.

On the exhale, breathing out: those feelings that just don't feel good to harbor, and breathing in, the willingness to be at peace, now.

We ask you angels to bring about a miraculous healing to this situation and to help everyone involved to be happy, healthy, and at peace.

Doreen Virtue
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