The archangel Raphael is always available to help renew your health.  Whether you're fighting a cold or trying to forgive a friend's hurtful comments, turn to Raphael for guidance on restoring your body and mind. 

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Meditation Transcript

We begin this healing meditation with calling on the Archangel Raphael who is the supreme agent of healing in the angelic realm.

We now call upon the Archangel Raphael to come to your side and to heal and balance anything in your body that's in need of this loving care. So if you will simply breathe and be open and receptive to receiving this angel's help, he's now with you along with his other angels, whom we call the healing angels, helping you and surrounding you with his beautiful emerald green healing light.

Archangel Raphael asks you to do your best to relax your body, letting your muscles loosen up just a bit, letting your jaw muscles loosen, your stomach, shoulders, neck, and back. And, the more that we relax, take it easy and breathe, the more we become open to receiving the healing angel's help.

As we breathe, we're literally breathing in the healing energy that Raphael brings to us and we can direct the healing energy to any part of our body that's in need of some help.

We now ask that you be willing to receive Archangel Raphael's gift of health, vitality, and wellness, and on the exhale, releasing any old toxins, lower energies, any old cravings for unhelpful substances or behaviors, and anything else that's not supporting your health. Let it go now. (Exhale)

And on this next inhale, breathe in deeply the great love, the reverence, and the honor that Raphael holds for you.
You're loved completely by this angel who looks past the surface, looks past any seeming mistakes that you think you've made or not made and sees who you really are—a perfect and holy child of God who's a perfect reflection of this light and love that can never be extinguished or soiled in any way.

We ask that you sit quietly with the healing angels for the next few minutes, listen to their guidance and follow it as it comes to you through your thoughts, feelings, visions, or words and know that you are safe. And so it is.

Doreen Virtue
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