My son is deployed to Iraq. He wasn't due to come home for R & R for a variety of reasons. My husband's brother was killed but my son was still not able to come home because the fighting was too intense. My son surprised me on my doorstep Thanksgiving Day. I know what an answer to a prayer looks like.

I lost a 4-year-old and I was overwhelmed with guilt and grief. For months I was depressed and was taking anti-depressants and just crawling through the days, I asked God to help me overcome this grief and give me peace and forgiveness for the person who ran over my child. I had a great deal of bitterness in me because I couldn't understand why God would have took my son. It was through prayer and prayer only that brought me out of it. The lord answered my prayer by reminding me of something my 4-yr-old would always say. He would always grab my face whenever I said "I love you" to him and say "With all your heart, right?" This made me realize my grief was not for him but for me only, he was in God's hands and I needed to stop griefing and live.

My prayer to stop smoking, was answered right away. The nicotine addiction was gone immediately after I prayed.

Prayers of protection were answered when something told me to look up from a dead stop behind another vehicle turning to see a car behind me unable to stop. I pulled over to the sholder at the last minute (something I normally would have not thought to do...) to witness a five car crash, which would have been seven and a eighteen wheeler, had not a pregnant woman behind me followed my lead so the truck behind her had room to stop.

Peace flows into my heart every time i offer prayer and praises to Allah.

Prayed for car for my daughter who had a great need but not a lot of money. Asked the Lord to send her a reliable car that she could afford. The next day in talking to coworker she mentioned that she was selling her second car. Price was right and deal happened.

For me prayer is being in harmony with the universe. When I am in harmony with it my prayers are answered.

God healed me of a heart condition and cancer.

When I was looking for a new job, when God has protected me from harm, when God has healed or improved the health of a loved one, and once in a while--when I really need a parking space.

Well, my wife and I prayed for children when we got married, 27 years ago, but we never got any, so we adopted. Today we are caring for 4 grandkids (aged 5 months to 10 years), being both their grandparents and foster parents. So God did answer our prayers, he said "Later, when you're more mature."

After my son's death in 1993, I told God I could not go on living. The hurt was too much, I did not want to live, it was hard to get up each morning and face another day. God answered me in prayer one day while I was looking out a window, and he said "Live each day as if he was coming back on that day." Well, that's how I've been able to cope with life, from that day on...

My prayers are for guidance, wisdom and strength to deal with problems in life--not for specific outcomes. I believe those prayers are always answered, because the act of praying creates the state of mind that I seek. "Prayer doesn't change things: Prayer changes people, and people change things."

When my husband came into my life. i saw him across the room and knew he was the answer to my prayers...

There are too many to detail them all but often they are things like finding the right thing to say when someone is in crisis. For example, I had a dear friend who was struggling with how to handle an abusive spouse and I prayed for wisdom and the words to give her the courage she needed. Suddenly, without knowing where the words were coming from, I started speaking to her and what I said went straight to her heart and gave her the courage she required.

I prayed for three coworkers at different times especially when I knew I will be working with them during that particular shift (without their knowing, of course) and sure enough, each of them would behave very differently--in a more positive way that would make the team work better!

When traveling as a missionary in Africa, I saw prayers answered in marvelous ways. When village folks asked us to pray for rain so that their crops could be planted, dark clouds came out of a clear sky within hours and poured rain--in dry season. Those who wished to hinder the Gospel from being preached were removed from the picture (died) within minutes when the issue was addressed in prayer.

I was eloping in a week with my fiancee and didn't have a wedding dress because I couldn't afford one. My mom was upset that she couldn't afford to buy me a dress and she cried all night. I prayed to Jehovah God that he comfort my mom and she prayed that somehow someone would lend her some money in order to buy me a wedding dress. The following morning, my mom found a brand new princess wedding dress worth at least a few thousand dollars in the garbage can outside of my building complex.

My prayers are answered every day! The Good Lord allows me to wake up, breath, smell and see my surroundings, and hear all his marvelous sounds.

A year ago I had not job & was almost homeless. This year, I have a great job, new fantastic apartment!! Oh yeah--I asked for a new boyfriend & God sent me a male Kittie!! See he does have a sense of humour!!

Yahweh answered my prayers for a good relationship with my former stepson. It was a FANTASTIC change!

An injury to my knee was spontaneously healed after doctors had given up.

I usually pray by being silent and trying to be aware of myself, my actions and my surroundings. In this sense, the prayers are answered immediately and simply. I don't ask for anything when I pray, but I become aware of what I may want for myself and others.

Recently my prayers have gotten better and miraculous results by using the tools I've learned in Kabbalah.

I prayed for my mother to find love again after my father divorced her and she has! Several times in fact! But I'm still waiting to find my own... I have also prayed to "accidentally" run into someone in particular and it happened almost every time I asked for it, with different people, over the years. I usually learn something important from each "happy coincidence."

I prayed that God would lead the people to vote for a Christian leader for our country.

For me answered prayers come in the form of synchronicities and a feeling of companionship with God.

I pray for the end of suffering for all sentient beings. I am sending out compassion to the world, not looking for answers.

Usually I pray with others on the internet to help someone in need, and many times, those prayers are answered. I do not believe in asking God for anything I can do for myself, but during my life, He has answered my prayers too numerous times to mention.

One morning last week I was feeling down and out, sorry for myself (down in the dumps). I didn't like feeling that way and asked God for help....he responded quickly by showing me how I could be of service to others during the day. My concentration on myself quickly left as I become involved with being of service to others. The icky feeling that I had went away before I knew it. I am convinced that it was definitely one of those God moments.

Two long-lasting resentments removed literally overnight.

Just get your request said out loud to another person enables the Universal Energy to answer this prayer, I do this all the time.

As a child I wanted to have a brother or sister. I was 8 at the time. I did not tell anyone about this except God. My mother was shocked when she became pregnant. She was almost 40.

Our coven has worked magick for many friends and family who were looking for jobs, for example, and all but one who asked for our help got the job rather quickly.

My prayers are always answered, and the answer is always the same: peace.

I prayed to be blessed with children and while I was not able to have them myself, God opened my heart to adoption and we adopted 4 beautiful children a few years ago.

When I pray I feel I am not alone. No matter what the content of the specific prayer I pray experience G-d's presence and know I am connected to a larger spiritual reality. There is a Jewish expression: Pray as if it all depended on G-d and act as if if it all depended on you. I don't expect flashes of fire--I pray to keep my connection with G-d strong, my heart and spirit open to the divine presence in the world.

I prayed for my daughter's safety when she was in the War in Iraq and for a safe return home. She is here, safe and unharmed. I have Multiple Sclerosis and every day is an answer to prayer just by being able to walk. I asked God to move me in my job and he did. God has been so good to me I could go on and on.

Prayer changes me. My most often prayer is for wisdom in relationships but with my spouse and with my children. God is invited into these relationships and becomes the center of my focus as I interact with them. What would God wish my reactions to be? This has transformed my family life in ways difficult to express. My relationships are solid and I give God the glory for this.

God answers them in his own way. He does little things, such as immediately make a cold wind stop blowing (or barely move) when I tell him I'm cold, and he even made it not rain for 2 days when it was supposed to rain, because I asked him to. I know that these seem to be trite superstition, but I noticed a lot more "coincidences" ever since I formally renewed my faith in God.

My prayers are often answered, especially when I misplace something, I'll pray to St. Anthony & with 24-48 hrs.I'll find whatever.

a certain kind of prayer, strongly emotional vision, carried me through professional school with top grades. I saw what I wanted, committed it to God, trusted my own study would be blessed with success, and it was.

As a veteran from a family of veterans of World War Two, I prayed not only that the war in Iraq would stop, but also that it would never have been started. But God does not take away free will. I still pray, and I know God hears me, but I do not believe prayer changes the course of events. I say that from my experience in life.

I do not believe in petitionary prayer. I believe in prayer as a way to remind myself of my priorities and my relationship with God. It is the act of prayer itself that changes me, and that is its sole purpose.

Prayer is an opening of the heart--not a 'to do list'. God's grace is a constant flow. The heart must be open to receive.

It may not be the specific answer I was looking for if I'm asking for something, but I do get an answer. A beautiful cloud, the sound of my son's laughter, a bird chirping. then I know my prayers have been heard.

Too many to list. Happens daily.

I once lost sissors and feared my toddler would find and hurt herself. After praying, I dreamed where they were and they were there.

Praying is completely foolish, like reciting a "magic spell" from a Harry Potter novel. It's time for our species to grow up and set such magical thinking aside.

I prayed for my sister-in-law's mom to be cured of cancer and she is now cancer-free.

I don't believe in God, or at least in any religious idea of God. So I actually don't think of myself as praying. I think of it as meditating and trying to send energy to people who need my help.

Prayers aren't letters to Santa Claus. To me, prayer means communing with our creator, so "answering" makes no sense in this context.

1. friends got healed 2. receive financial blessings 3. souls got saved 4. election victory 5. found my brother after 15 years

The more I express gratitude for the life I have, the more blessings I see around me--but I'm not sure if that is God rewarding my gratitude or improving my ability to perceive.

I belong to a prayer group. We see some of our prayers answered quickly from new jobs to finding a home, and other prayers we have praying for years, like a husband. Obviously we want God to answer and give us what we want, but He has always provided us with what we needed. Watching God work is actually more fun than receiving our requests. He usually does something completely different than how we expected.

Whenever I pray for guidance, I can feel an answer entering my thoughts.

Prayer is always answered, even if it is "simply" a sense of peace that comes over me. My faith mostly sees prayer as a means of becoming conscious and aware that God is already present in all things, people and situations. As soon as I become aware of that, the healing has happened. Oh, yeah, and I get the unexpected income, physical healing, parking spot, directions and everything else.

I don't look for my prayers to be answered. I don't view prayer as a petition or wish list before God.

Prayer, like exercise, is its own answer--the process is the result. Any subsequent evidence is icing on the cake.

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