Adapted from the forthcoming book, "From the Ashes: A Spiritual Response to the Attack on America," to be published by Beliefnet and Rodale Press.

Dear and Wonderful Beings,

I come to you in this hour of your deep sadness to bring you wisdom, for it is only at such times that you seem willing to hear Me--and hear Me now you must, if you are going to survive as a species.

Dearest Ones, you have not yet learned the basics of living together. You have not reached, through all the years you have been on your planet, the rudimentary understanding of the most elementary concepts of life, and it is not because you have not been told. It is because you have refused to listen.

So again I say to you, as I have said before, through other voices and at other times, let those who have ears to hear, listen. All of your human problems--all of them-would be solved in the blink of an eye were you to change a few simple things in the way you are attempting to co-create life together.

The first of these things is that you are not attempting to co-create life together but, rather, you are attempting to co-create it apart, and it will not work that way.

Yet you keep struggling and abusing and fighting, determined to obtain these things, and increase them, at any expense, even your own lives. And so you die worse in order to live better.

You cannot co-create life apart because you are not apart, you are together, intrinsically, spiritually, and yes, even physically. The great human truth is that you are all One. And the great human tragedy is that you do not know this. You do not know it in your experience, and you will not, until you try--and that is something you have adamantly refused to do.

This is why you have conflict, this is why you have discord, this is why you have war and murder and maiming and hurting. This is why you spite each other and compete with each other and argue with each other and race with each other against time to capture you know not what--to make sure you get it, and get enough of it, before it runs out. And this is why you struggle with each other to protect what you have gotten, although you don't even know what it is that you were after.

Was it success? Was it power? Was it security and safety?

You do not understand that security and safety is only found in not fighting for it. That authentic power is only experienced in not abusing it. That real success is only achieved in not straining and struggling and striving for it.

For if you achieve success by constantly straining, struggling and striving, what kind of success is that? And if you experience power by constantly abusing it, what kind of power is that? And if you find security and safety by constantly fighting, what kind of safety is that?

You are One Being, different but united, as the fingers and the thumb are different, but not separate from the hand. Difference is not division, yet because you see that you are different you imagine that you are divided.

OF the Body of God you are a part, yet FROM it you are never apart. Nor are you ever apart from each other, because you are a part of each other. Yet you are tearing yourself apart through your belief in apartheid, separation, and segregation of that which was never separated and cannot be segregated.

This insistent belief has created not only a tearing of each other, but a tearing at the very fabric of Life Itself for Life is What You Are, made manifest in physical form for the purpose of experiencing Life Itself. You are Life, experiencing Life, yet you cannot experience it abundantly, joyously, fruitfully, or harmoniously if you will not recognize and accept What You Are.

I tell you this: YOU ARE ONE.

With each other and with Me, you are FOREVER UNITED.

Now, for you to survive as a species, you must understand this, you must accept this, and you must examine what this means as a practical matter. You must apply it to your daily life--or your life will be daily threatened, and you will never know the grandest expression of Life for which you were intended.

Your insistence on being separate has caused you to create separate families, separate neighborhoods, separate communities and separate nations, imagining that this is the best and only way for you to co-exist--and yet, it is the only way that you cannot co-exist. For this is not co-existence at all, but UNco-existence, and it can only lead to the end of your existence. Your history has shown you this, your own life has demonstrated it, yet you DISprove your past in your attempt to IMprove your future.

The irony is that all that you seek to achieve through your separate efforts you can achieve without effort were you to discontinue your separate efforts.

The solution to your problems is clear. It is simple. It is obvious and it is immediately obtainable.

The solution is to experience Oneness Now Everywhere.

This means co-creating around the world a new society, in which you proceed FROM Oneness in everything you do.
In your governance,
in your economics,
in your spirituality,
in your ecology,
in the education of your offspring,
in everything that you put in place in your society.

This is not a new teaching. I have given it to you before, in many times and many places, through the voices of many messengers. In what you call The Old Testament it will be found in Malachi:
"Have we not all one father? Has not one God created us? Why then are we faithless to one another, profaning the covenant of our fathers? "