Excerpted from In All Things: Everyday Prayers of Jesuit High School Students with permission of Loyola Press. To order copies of this book, call 1-800-621-1008 or visit www.loyolabooks.org.

Prayer for Help to Raise My Grades

Dear God,
Strengthen my memory,
Sharpen my focus,
Energize my concentration,
Give me the necessary discipline,
Aid my understanding,
Increase my comprehension,
Remind me to be inquisitive,
Enhance my academic powers,
And if it be your will, help me raise my grades.
I promise to remember that all my achievements are your blessings and are possible only through your grace. I promise to give you all the glory.

--Herman Whitfield
Jesuit High School
New Orleans, Louisiana

Sex: Learning the Hard Way

Above all else, I want to be honest in my relationships. From what I have experienced, I know there is no worse feeling in the entire world than knowing you've hurt the person you love. I had to learn the hard way what distrust can do to a relationship. I almost lost the person that meant more to me than anyone I've ever known. I not only lost my girlfriend, but I almost lost my best friend because I was dishonest. Please give me the strength to tell the truth, even when it may hurt. Please allow me to have the courage to stand up for what is right, no matter what the situation or the consequences. There is no greater way to display my love for someone that by letting them know that I will always be myself with them, not a person hiding behind a mask of deceit. When I love someone more than life itself, I know I have found someone to whom I am not afraid to tell the truth. Help me to be honest in everything I do, and with everyone I know, and most important, with the people I love.

--Matt Hammer
St. Xavier High School
Cincinnati, Ohio

A Prayer for the Outcast

Dear God,
I often feel I am hated by all and singled out as a loser.
Help me to stand strong in times like these.
Help me to forgive those who persecute me,
For I am weak, and I may not be able to do this on my own.
Help me to seek the truth in all matters and to stand up for what I believe in,
Even if it means almost certain rejection by my peers.
Help me and those like me to bear this together.

Jesuit High School
New Orleans, Louisiana

A Prayer for Separated Parents

Dear Lord, help me face the challenge of having separated parents.
Give me strength to overcome the difficulties I have in planning visits and help me face the tough decisions I must make.
When my parents argue, ease the rage and confusion I feel.
I also pray that you help my parents through their hard times, and that one day they will become friends.In your name I pray. Amen.

Jesuit High School
New Orleans, Louisiana

A Prayer in Time of Depression

Dear God,
I pray to you for your guidance and understanding at this most troublesome time.
I pray to you for your help in this most trying time of my life.
Help me to overcome this sadness that is so heavy on my heart and that is nearly impossible to overcome on my own.
Guide me away from what causes this depression and lead me toward what will bring happiness.

Jesuit High School
New Orleans, Louisiana

The Pressure Prayer

Lord, why are there all these pressures in the world?
Pressures to be cool,
To be popular,
To be athletic,
To be smart.
How can I be myself?

Why are there all these pressures in the world?
Pressure to decide what to be,
What to do,
Where to go to school,
With whom to hang out.
How can I do what you and I want to do?
Why do I listen to these pressures?

Father, teach me to trust you, and help me to follow your will. Give me strength and courage to fight these pressures and not let them beat you down.
Lord, help me find my direction, my calling.
My role in this world full of so many pressures.
Jim Fein
Jesuit High School
New Orleans, Louisiana

Romans Chapter 12

Keep it real.
Don't like bad things.
Hold tightly to the good things in life.
Love each other equally.
Be kind to one another and show respect to all.
Never lack enthusiasm.
Be a passionate soul.
Worship God and be dedicated to your love for him.
Be happy with future possibilities.
Worship God and be dedicated to your love for him.
Be happy with future possibilities.
Wait out the bad times.
In order to keep going and not give up,
you must turn to God for help.
Act as saints.
Be nice and loving even toward those who are cruel.
Chill with the chillers.
Be sincere with those who are suffering.
Be wise; harmonize.
Don't be proud, but spend time with the poor and unfortunate.
Don't act like you are better than you are.
Don't hate the haters.
Take good away from everything you experience.
Don't get even.
Treat your enemy like your friend.
Love the "hell" out of people.
Do not accept evil as okay or normal, but instead turn around the evil by doing good.

--Paige Adejare, Jenny Brandemaier, Pat Burke, Greg Dowden, Kim Doyle, J.J. Gibson, Mike Green, Bill Hanley, Elizabeth Huser, Eddie Journey, Ashley Kinker, Mike Kirsh, Rebecca Lovejoy, Alex Marciniak, Ginny Meza, Elizabeth Moreau, Jacqueline Natz, Brian Schneider, Katie Schwenk, Matt Treco, Herman Whitfield
Brebeuf Jesuit College Preparatory School; Indianapolis, Indiana

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