The proliferation of Social Media is such that almost every aspect of your online life is impacted by the latest Facebook status update, Tweet or Instagrammed photo. Is there a short message you want instantly disseminated to the masses? Do you need to update a small group of people with an important piece of information? If you have ever found yourself in either of these positions, one of the first places you have visited is a Social Media website.

Ponder the implications of that! Almost every aspect of our lives is affected by content uploaded and downloaded from the internet and Social Media sites.

Society is so intricately connected through the internet that, within a matter of minutes, the latest information, photos or video regarding peace talks or an international skirmish reaches the laptops and smartphones of individuals on the other side of the planet. This type of reach and permeation of news and data is too powerful of a tool to continue ignoring. You can make this technology work for you, your ministry or your organization!

That’s where the International Pastors & Leadership Conference comes in.

P&L is filled with workshops specifically designed to train you on Marketing in the Christian world while using the power of Social Media and the Internet in concert to increase the impact of your organization. Whether you are a freshman to Marketing and the Social Media experience, or you have an extensive background in these fields, P&L is stocked with experts who possess the wisdom that will help you tap into these ever-growing and ever-changing fields.

As the internet’s influence on our lives increases daily, it is necessary for Christian organizations to be the pioneers in this field who venture into unknown territories and reap the harvest. It’s time for your organization to make its mark. It’s time for God’s trailblazers to rise up. It’s time for you to become the leader God created you to be.

Connect with other leaders and industry pioneers at the International Pastors & Leadership Conference, and discover the new and innovative methods that will transform your ministry or organization into an effective powerhouse that will continually grow and push the envelope of progress.

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