When most people think about crystals, they think of a fancy mineral or jewel they learned about in science class. Crystals are beautiful and part of God’s wonderful creation. While the Bible discusses crystals, some people in the modern-day world believe crystals have special or healing powers. Let’s look into what the Bible says about crystals and what it doesn’t.

Beautiful crystals.

The Old Testament mentions crystals several times. Job 28:19 discusses topaz, which is a crystal, saying that the topaz of Cush can’t compare with it and can’t be bought with pure gold. Lamentations 4:7 discusses rubies in an analogy, saying that their princes were brighter than snow, whiter than milk, their bodies more red than rubies, and their appearance like lapis lazuli.

Proverbs 8:11 also mentions rubies. In these terms, the Bible uses crystals to describe various things. In addition to the Old Testament, the New Testament discusses crystals in the New Heaven and Earth. The river described in the New Heaven and Earth is defined to be as clear as crystal, outlined explicitly in Revelation 22:1.

Healing crystals.

Healing crystals and crystals with other special properties is a popular topic in today’s world. People who believe in the power of crystals believe different crystals have different traits or powers to help whoever wears or uses them. The conviction in the healing powers of crystals isn’t new. In ancient times, the cultures of Greece, Egypt, and China believed that crystals had magical powers.

Despite many people having used crystals and thinking they can heal ailments, there’s absolutely no scientific evidence to support these claims. It’s best to see crystals as they are: just minerals. Crystals don’t have any powers to heal anyone, nor do they have magical properties. Instead of containing magical properties, crystals are just beautiful minerals created by God.

Special properties.

As already mentioned, crystals don’t have any unique properties that give them special powers. Most people think crystals can not only bring cures and healing to ailments, but they also think crystals can bring good fortune, help one in their relationships, and help stop a person from evil forces. As Christians, we know that the Bible doesn’t tell us that crystals can do any of these things.

Those who put such high emphasis on crystals are, in a way, being involved in the occult, and the Bible warns us against participating in the occult, as detailed in Deuteronomy 18:10-12. While many people would argue that crystals aren’t part of the occult, they genuinely are since they’re used with the purpose of trying to manipulate situations.

Can Christians use crystals?

Christians shouldn’t use crystals because they’re part of the occult. Anytime we try to manipulate situations through objects, like crystals, we participate in the occult. Christians should refrain from crystals in the sense of using them for healing assets or other traits. If a Christian desires to wear a crystal for jewelry and isn’t wearing it for special purposes, then it’s okay.

It’s just advisable for Christians not to seek out crystals or their healing properties. The Bible never tells us that crystals have unique abilities, and science has also confirmed that crystals can’t truly affect the outcome of an event or heal any condition. Crystals have been used for various things across the world, but we shouldn’t use them in the sense of occult or occult practices.

Is having crystals considered idolatry?

Whenever we put anything above God, it becomes an idol in our lives, and we become guilty of idolatry. If we’re actively seeking help or healing from crystals, then we’re placing crystals as the idols in our lives. We shouldn’t worship anything or anything but God, as explained in 2 Corinthians 6:16-17. If you’ve had a past in crystals, it’s okay because the Lord will forgive you if you ask. Ensure that you turn away from the crystals and remove anything you have associated with the crystals, including the crystals themselves. If you’re currently participating in the practice of crystals, you should stop, seek God and turn to Him.

God doesn’t want us involved with the occult. He wants us to seek out His help and turn to Him for guidance and love. The crystals offer nothing but empty promises. Only God can give us genuine love, healing, and guidance. Crystals are minerals created by the Lord God Almighty. You may have never personally had an experience with crystals, but many Christians have used crystals, and they could feel how much the practice of crystals took them away from God and His grace. As believers, we should strive to grow closer to God and evolve more in His image. We shouldn’t participate in anything that will take us away from Him.

James 4:8 reminds us that we should come near God, and He will come near us. Sinners should wash their hands and purify their hearts. We should follow James’ advice and choose to draw closer to God by throwing away any occult practices, including using crystals. Similarly, we should wash our hands and purify our hearts by turning away from the sin in our lives. Giving up the use of crystals may be challenging if you’ve been using them for a long time or if you have a strong belief in crystals, but you must give up this practice because crystals don’t bring you closer to God. In fact, they take you away from Him and cause the crystals themselves to become the “god” or idol in your life.

Your life will be much better if you put God first and foremost in your life instead of crystals. With God, there’s peace, love, and freedom. However, with crystals, there’s only pain, empty promises, false hope and pain. Go to God today, and He can help you. God never promised us that He would heal us for our ailments, nor did He promise that our lives would be perfect. However, He did promise that He would walk with us through it all, the bright times and the dark times.

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