St. Brigid, the patron of dairy workers, once gave away an entire pail of milk to help a poor person. She was concerned her pagan father would be angry about the missing milk, so she asked God to help. According to legend, how did He intervene?


The Roman martyr St. Genesius was killed during the Diocletian persecution. What led to his martyrdom and resulted in making him the patron saint of actors?


In the 14th century, St. Rocco nursed plague victims and ended up catching the disease himself. He became the patron of dogs because a friendly canine helped nurse him back to health. How?


St. Joseph of Cupertino is patron of two categories of people that are rarely considered together. What are they?


The patronage of physicians is shared by two brothers, Sts. Cosmas and Damian. To what do they owe their connection with medicine?


In the 11th century, it was said that chains would break apart at the very mention of the name of St. Bernard of Noblac, a famed Frankish convert. As a result of this legend, of what group did he eventually become patron?


St. Nicholas of Tolentino, the patron saint of vegetarians, refused to eat meat out of personal penance. What miracle did he perform when he was mistakenly served roasted chicken?


The patron saint of ugly people is St. Drogo, who suffered a physical deformity while on a pilgrimage. Drogo's appearance horrified his neighbors, so what did he do to shield them from his hideousness?


A former Roman general. St. Eustace converted when he saw a vision of Christ in the antlers of a stag he was hunting. What patronage did he receive as a result?


St. Isidore the Farmer is the patron saint of farmers, appropriately enough. Which miraculous farming-related event is he known for?


St. George is famously known for exhibiting bravery, chivalry, and derring-do while slaying a ferocious dragon and rescuing a princess. What patronage does he boast as a result?


St. Ambrose, the patron saint of beekeepers, is connected to this occupation because a swarm of bees descended upon him as a baby. What happened next?


St. Erasmus was martyred when his persecutors ripped open his stomach using hot iron hooks. What patronage is he known for today?


St. Alexander the Charcoal-Burner is the patron saint of colliers, or charcoal burners. What led to his having spent his life in that ancient profession?


St. Fiacre is the patron of what humorous occupation-and-malady combination?

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