<p>In this Bible quiz, test your knowledge about mothers of the Good Book. </p>

Which dancing teen had the most scheming stage mom ever?

This young girl's mom, Herodias, had her dance seductively before stepdad Herod (which is creepy enough) and then ask him for one wish: John's the Baptist's head on a platter. Herodias next appeared as an engineering mom on the beauty pageant reality show Little Miss Perfect.

This hooker with a heart of gold successfully helped Joshua and his spies conquer Jericho:

Rahab was the prostitute who helped the Israelites hide their spies in the city of Jericho. She eventually quit prostitution, married an Israelite, and had kids. Considering her original profession, it's pretty cool that the Bible regards her so positively and lists her in the ancestry of both David and Jesus.

Which Genesis matriarch had twins that fought each other even before they were born?

Rebecca had twins Jacob and Esau, who jockeyed for position from the moment of conception. Their story is one of the Bible's worst sibling rivalry cautionary tales, and that's saying something.

What did the infant Moses' biological mother Jochebed do to save his life when Pharaoh decreed that every newborn Hebrew male had to die?

Haven't you seen The Ten Commandments ?

In the Book of Proverbs, what will happen to a child who is left to himself?

The Bible suggests that neglected kids will grow up to disgrace their mothers. That may or may not involve joining a rock band.

Isaiah 66 compares God's miraculous rescue of Israel to:

Since this is a quiz about moms, you may have guessed that the right answer is: God gives Israel "a land that is born in one day" without any pain in its redemption. Like a cosmic epidural... um, where do we sign up for that?

When sisters Leah and Rachel were having a race in the Book of Genesis to see who could give Jacob the most sons, which one struggled with infertility?

Rachel tried everything, including mandrakes (which were like the fertility drugs of the day), while she watched Leah give birth to one son after another. God finally heard Rachel's pleas and she had two sons, Joseph and Benjamin, but she died in childbirth delivering Benjamin.

Which pioneering mom was called the "mother of all living?"

The correct answer is Eve, who had Cain and Abel. That didn't end so well, though.

Who was Naomi?

Ruth chose to stay with Naomi, her mother-in-law, after her husband (Naomi's son) died. Naomi then stage-managed a whole new marriage for Ruth with an eligible kinsman. Score!

Which animal is God compared to in the Book of Hosea?

The message is clear: don't be playin' with God's cubs (Israel), or you'll be torn from limb to limb.

Which of these Old Testament mothers was a single mom?

Hagar was the only one of those women without the status of a legal wife. As Abraham's concubine, she bore him a son named Ishmael, but was treated as a second-class citizen much of the time.

What happened to the baby that Bathsheba bore to King David as a result of their adulterous affair?

Come on, did you really think that story was going to have a happy ending?

Which of the following biblical women were considered barren but got pregnant by divine intervention?

The Bible is filled with stories of infertility followed by children.

What did Jesus say about the causes of a man's blindness in the Gospel of John?

Despite cultural tendencies to blame almost everything on the mother, both in our day and in Jesus', the correct answer is that the blindness was not their fault.

Which of these women implored Jesus to drive out the demons from her daughter?

It's the unnamed Canaanite woman, whom Jesus praised for her great faith. (See Matthew 15: 21-28.) There's no record that Mary Magdalene had a daughter, but Jesus had certainly cast out Magda's own demons back in the day.

Why have some scholars proposed that the real author of Song of Solomon may have been a woman?

The Song of Solomon mentions mothers seven times, which is a biblical number of completeness and wholeness, and the book adds a "she said" perspective to the usual male POV. Check it out.

What do we know about the mother of Esther, Queen of Persia?

Pious novels of the 4th century BC are not that different from the Disney movies of today: the heroine's mother always has to die before the girl's adventure can begin. The orphaned Esther went to live with her kinsman Mordecai, and then her story got interesting.

When King Solomon had to decide a case where two women claimed to be the mother of the same baby boy, how did he learn which was the true mother?

Solomon, channeling Judge Judy, solved the problem by calling for a sword. The real mother immediately backed down when she realized that her precious baby was about to be sawed in half, and Solomon recognized that her overriding concern was the baby's well-being. That showed she was its true mother.

At the end of the Book of Romans, which of these women is described as an apostle?

Junia was the only woman described with this official title by Paul. Although some conservative commentators later tried to claim that the name was really supposed to be "Junius" and that Paul was referring to a man, this is unlikely as there are no other contemporary attestations of the male name Junius compared to more than 250 occurrences of the female name Junia. So there was a woman apostle. Cool, huh?

In the Book of Tobit, what's unusual about Tobit's training in Jewish law?

Tobit got his training from his grandmother because his father had died. This is surprising because Jewish women were often not allowed to study the Torah, let alone teach it to men.

Which Mary was one of the first witnesses to the resurrection?

Both Marys. Mary was one of the most common names in Palestine in the New Testament era.
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