How did mary find out about Jesus' capture?

One of the disciples, John, escaped from the garden to mary's house crying, "They've taken him!"

How many lashes were afflicted upon Jesus as punishment?

These were the lashes given using the stick whips, not the cat and nine tails whips. The stick whips were less severe and were used first.

What natural disaster occured after Jesus' death?

There was a terrible earthquake after Jesus' death which destroyed the temple.

Who led the mob and handed Jesus over?

Even when Jesus was handed over to the mob led by Judas, he spoke and they fell backwards onto the ground (John 18:6). Jesus was always in control of his life. He said that more than twelve legions, or in excess of thirty-six thousand angels, would respon

True or False: Jesus embraced his death

Jesus was not just a good man who fell victim to evil circumstances. On the contrary, he predicted the manner of his death and the time and place chosen by the Father (Matthew 26:2). Jesus was not a powerless victim. He embraced death to accomplish our re

Which verse discusses the Great Commission?

In practicing the presence of God, the purpose of God is discovered. This is summed up in the Great Commission where Jesus commands his disciples to go and tell others everything that he has revealed to them (Matthew 28:19-20). This is a key to understand
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