A Court of Morals or a Moral Court?
The British court was right to try to save one of the conjoined twin girls, even against the wishes of the parents
By Richard Land

Why We Can't Clone Jesus
If science has a say in it, the Second Coming won't happen anytime soon
By Gregg Easterbrook

Making Real Decisions About Halloween
Christians don't automatically need to oppose it, but they should be concerned
By Richard Mouw

Banning Halloween
The October bacchanalia turns into a religious issue for the nation's public schools
By Deborah Caldwell

Does Less Sunday School Equal More Secularism?
God comes second to homework and afterschool activities
By Martin Marty

The Mighty Deeds of Jesus
Are there limits to the spectacular?
By Marcus Borg

By the Book
The unscrolling of the Bible
By Ben Witherington III

The Sacred Well
Drilling a well in her backyard, the author becomes conscious of her connection to the earth
By Barbara Brown Taylor

John Stott: A Fundamentalist in Sheep's Clothing?
The Anglican leader has decided to retire. What he needs to recognize is that his evangelical ideas retired long ago
By John Shelby Spong

The Body of Christ: A Practical Lesson
How can the life of the meeting redirect our individual lives?
By Marty Grundy

Who Are the Quakers?
A closer look at the Religious Society of Friends

A Phenomenon With a Goal
See You at the Pole is not a culminating event, but the beginning of a quest for spiritual renewal--and it's perfectly legal
By Richard Land

Taking a Stand for God
A Christian teen adviser looks at what motivates students to stand at the pole and pray
By Jim Burns

Bible CD-Roms for Kids
By Karen Jones

The Truth about Relativism
After the Vatican statement, ecumenism will go on
By Martin E. Marty

Gearing Up for God
Christians wear their faith around their necks, and on their backs. What's the real value for witnessing of Christian gear?
By Craig Bird

Protestants and Politics Archive
Past articles from the 2000 election season

What Is Biblical Prophecy?
Prophecies aren't just God-sanctioned horoscopes
By Ben Witherington III

Clinton's Debt to God
In his recent apology, the president came across as a flawed human being and a repentant sinner, much like the rest of us
By Richard Mouw

An Unorthodox Choice
Aligned on social issues but sharply opposed on abortion, how will evangelicals react to Joseph Lieberman?
By Richard Land

Why Christian Conservatives Like Lieberman, But Won't Vote for Him
They may admire Lieberman's private life, but not his voting record--especially on abortion
By Rod Dreher

Onward, Christian Produce
VeggieTales overcomes the challenges of crisper drawer Christianity
By Carla Barnhill

Thoroughly Modern Missions
Across the world, Christianity increasingly is adapting to local cultures. Missions cannot ignore the change
By Matt Donnelly

The Eyes of Tammy Faye
An interview with the repentant and unreconstructed Tammy Faye
By Richard Baimbridge

Who's Afraid of Jack Chick?
Jack Chick's fundamentalist comics don't beat around the bush. How could they? Your soul is at stake
By Frederica Mathewes-Green

Different Gifts, Same Spirit
Women can still serve the church, even if they are not called to be pastors
By Richard Land

Who's in Charge Here?
As the case for biblical submission gains visibility, so does the argument for biblical equality
By Holly G. Miller

They're Not So Wild About Harry
Why some Christians reject Potter author J.K. Rowling and all her works
By Richard Mouw

Still Toeing the Mainline
Mainline Protestants, often overshadowed by evangelicals, are still active on community and national levels
By Robert Wuthnow

Knowing the Word's Worth
A congregant asks, "What does the Bible say about breeding dogs?"
By Ben Witherington III

The Accuracy of the New Testament
Is it a matter of faith?
By Richard Land

A Conflicted Christian
A response to the Jewish view of Jesus
By Richard Mouw

A High- Profile Divorce: The Cost of Biblical Faithfulness
Charles Stanley should keep his promise and resign his senior pastor post
By Charles Colson

Southern Baptist Distinctiveness
Is the denomination's popularity more than successful niche marketing?
By Martin E. Marty

When Do You Decide Not to Mail a Letter?
Even St. Paul wrote a letter or two he might have been better off not sending
By L. Gregory Jones

Pentecost and Babble/Babel
The coming of the Spirit began a new age when the fragmentation of humanity was overcome
by Marcus Borg

Embracing the Jewishness of Jesus
The recent papal apology for anti-Semitism should only be the first step in a journey of rooting out prejudice
By John Shelby Spong

Celebrating a Public Religious Life
William Sloane Coffin Jr.'s life reminds us of the intimate connections that religion and activism can help us form
By Robert L. Whitener

The Spiritual State of Black America
It's a mixed bag of traditions and innovations, but some trends worry theologians and preachers
By Robert M. Franklin

The Ascension of Jesus
The Luke-Acts narrative isn't a 'beam me up' story. Rather, it conveys Jesus' lordship and freedom from space-time limitations
by Marcus Borg

Confronting the Mormon Question
How to turn a Latter-day Saint into a Methodist
by Jan Shipps

Tufts University to Reconsider Status of Christian Group
A school panel has ruled that the university failed to follow proper procedure when it "derecognized" the campus group

The Truth Is Out There--or Is It?
A Christian muses on 'The X-Files' phenomenon and its contribution to a modern intellectual crisis
by Richard Mouw

Dissing Drama
Why Are Christians So Down On Theater?
by Anne Morse

Pray for Secularism's Demise
Recent events make a national day of prayer even more essential
by Don Feder

Strength in (Small) Numbers
Small groups are attracting more people, but do they have a lasting impact on participants?
By Wade Clark Roof

What's in a Name?
Wheaton College's president thinks the school's Crusader mascot may turn Muslims away from Christianity
By Jonathan Moore

The Way of the Cross:
· Multimedia Version
(Flash 4 and 56k modem or higher required)

· Light Version
(AOL 4.0 or older computers)

Letting Go of Labels
Each of us is on a journey through life and is trying to find the right 'way.' It's not a good thing to dig too many trenches
by Richard Mouw

What Belongs To God?
Jesus' 'Render unto Caesar' saying leaves today's Christians scratching their heads
by Marcus Borg

Singing a New Song Unto the Lord
Selecting a new hymnal says a lot about where a church is headed
by Jennifer Harvey

Hell Is There and "Occupied"
The UK's Evangelical Alliance reaffirms the reality of hell in a report called "The Nature of Hell"

'As if They Had Cursed'
Is invoking God in public before a football game constitutional? The Supreme Court will decide the fate of a Texas school
by Richard Land

Banishing the Bible From Campus

Irreconcilable Differences
A declaration on marriage ended in a bitter split.
By Richard Land

A Gift of Living Water
By Barbara Brown Taylor

Soul Therapy
What can evangelical therapists teach their secular counterparts?

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?
By Richard Mouw

The Mighty Deeds of Jesus
What's the difference between healings and "nature miracles"? By Marcus Borg

Behind the Homeschooling Explosion

Why I Joined a Christian Commune

Marcus Borg and Ben Witherington on 'The Way, The Truth, The Life?'

February Outcast for the Lord

I Still Do
The covenant marriage movement

Pedophilia Chic Revisited

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    The Southern Baptist Convention decides to end ecumenical dialogue with Catholics in another sign of increased conservatism.

    Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod President, The Rev. A.L. Barry dies at age 69.

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