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Lent as Divine Therapy


A look at the dynamics that keep us from a deep relationship with God.

Lent Prayers for Strength and Endurance

Praying Hands

These prayers will bring light into you Lent season!

Ash Wednesday Reflection

Glasses on top of a Bible

A Biblical reflection on the beginning of Lent

Lent Prayers for Light


These prayers will bring light into you Lent season!

What Are Ash Wednesday and Lent?

Learn the basics of this important Christian observance.

Journey Into Orthodox Christian Lent


Discover an exhilarating kick-start for a time that just gets harder.

Giving Up Sex for Lent

fast from sex gets to the heart of Lenten discipline.

Lent Calendar

Use the calendar below as part of your Lenten observances. As you move your mouse over each day, click on the highlighted text that pops up. You'll discover inspirational stories, galleries to help you on your spiritual journey and a few fun quizzes.

Move your mouse over the calendar to find an article, quiz, gallery or video for each day of the Lenten season.